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While rideshare services can be convenient, accidents can happen. You may feel overwhelmed after an accident as you deal with high medical bills and painful injuries. Luckily, you have options for recovering compensation. Our St. Cloud rideshare accident lawyer can help you pursue the recovery you deserve.   

If you were involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, Bogin, Munns & Munns is prepared to help. Let us discuss what you could recover in a settlement and why you might want a lawyer from our firm to assist you with the legal procedures involved.  

Why Hire Our Rideshare Accident Attorney in St. Cloud?

Taking legal action in a rideshare accident case can be a distressing ordeal. You need time to rest and attend doctor’s appointments so your injuries can heal. Our experienced St. Cloud car accident lawyer knows how to handle your rideshare accident case. We can take on insurance companies and the liable party so you don’t have to.  Here is what a rideshare accident attorney from our firm can do for you: 

Explain What Damages You Can Recover

After your St. Cloud rideshare accident, you can recover damages to make up for your accident-related losses. Some recoverable damages in your case could include: 

  • All your accident-related medical bills 
  • Physical pain and suffering 
  • Property damage to your vehicle 
  • Mental and emotional anguish 
  • Lost income 
  • Reduced earning capacity 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

We can assign a value to your case so you can seek compensation that covers all your losses. 

Ensure That You Comply With Your Filing Requirements

If you decide to file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you need, you must follow the state’s filing deadlines. In Florida, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit. Because this time is quite short, every moment counts. We recommend calling Bogin, Munns & Munns as soon as you can to avoid missing this deadline. We will keep you informed on the laws that apply to your case and help you file before the deadline expires.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

You can file an insurance claim to seek compensation, but that does not mean the insurance company will offer a fair initial settlement. They might downplay the liable driver’s fault, as this would reduce the damages they have to pay you. However, you do not have to accept the insurer’s offers immediately. Our St. Cloud rideshare accident lawyer can help appeal to the insurance company to reevaluate the case and reconsider their offer.

Gather Evidence That Supports Your Case

You can leave the evidence collection to us. We will investigate your case to determine who was at fault for causing the accident. There could even be more than one at-fault party. We can use evidence such as photos, videos, dashboard camera footage, witness statements, and your medical records. The evidence we include in your case can help us prove that you deserve compensation. 

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We Can File a Claim With the Rideshare Company’s Insurer After Your Accident in St. Cloud

Rideshare accident cases can get complicated. The rideshare driver’s activity will determine which insurer we can file a claim with. 

For example, if the rideshare driver was not active on the rideshare app during the time of the crash, they are considered off duty. Because they were not working when the accident happened, we would have to file a claim with their personal auto insurer. 

When the rideshare driver is working, we would likely be able to file a claim with the rideshare company’s insurer. In general, here’s how insurance works when you’re involved in a rideshare accident: 

  • When the driver is logged in to the rideshare app and waiting for a ride request, the rideshare company’s insurance would apply if the driver’s insurance does not cover the accident. 
  • When the driver is logged in to the rideshare app and has passengers in their car, the rideshare company’s liability insurance would apply. 
  • When the driver is logged in to the rideshare app and is en route to pick up a passenger, the rideshare company’s liability coverage would apply. 

You don’t need to stress about these details when you hire our St. Cloud rideshare accident lawyer to manage your case. We can explain how rideshare insurance works in more detail when you hire us. 

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What To Do After a St. Cloud Rideshare Accident

You could be suffering from severe injuries after your rideshare accident in St. Cloud. Once you and any passengers in your car are safe, you should: 

  • Call the police: The police will typically ask you questions about the accident and help you move your vehicle out of the road. They’ll fill out a police report, which includes details about the accident. We can use this report to strengthen your case.  
  • Avoid speaking to insurers: Let us handle insurance communications for you. Insurers might ask you questions about the accident and use your answers out of context. To avoid this, we can speak to the insurance companies for you. 
  • Contact our St. Cloud rideshare accident team: After your accident, reach out to us. We can clarify the legal process for you and explain what your next steps may be.  

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