Gainesville Negligent Security Lawyer

Gainesville Negligent Security Lawyer
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Thousands call Gainesville home. Yet, because of its proximity to local colleges, it’s something of a transient area for many people. In fact, 40 out of every 1,000 people will experience a violent crime in the area – making safety the utmost priority.

If you’ve suffered injuries or lost a loved one because of negligent security measures, you can pursue financial recovery for your losses. A Gainesville negligent security lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns will fight for justice. With more than 40 attorneys on our staff, we’ll supply one with the appropriate experience for your case.

When Can You Sue for Negligent Security?

You may sue for negligent security when a premises that should have had certain security-related features did not, and:

  1. You suffered injuries; or,
  2. A loved one suffered injuries; or,
  3. A loved one passed away.

If such outcomes resulted from negligent security, then you generally have a case.

Who Can You Sue for Negligent Security?

A business or property owner may be liable for negligent security. This includes anyone who owns or manages:

  • A store
  • A school or college campus
  • A nightclub
  • An entertainment-focused venue
  • A sports-related venue
  • An apartment complex
  • A restaurant
  • Any other property where security features are reasonably necessary

Even if a property is in a relatively safe area, property owners should still install security measures. This may involve installing security cameras, hiring security personnel, and building fences.

What Is the Standard of Liability in Negligent Security Cases?

When evaluating liability for security failures, our attorneys generally look for negligence. If someone in charge of security didn’t take reasonable precautions to protect you, then they may have been negligent.

Examples of negligent security measures include:

  • Failing to employ a security guard in a high–crime area
  • Failing to employ bouncers for a business that generally requires them, like a bar or nightclub
  • Failing to properly install lights where customers might be at risk of harm, like near gas pumps or in parking lots
  • Failing to install code-protected gates in an apartment complex
  • Failing to install security cameras in a business or domestic complex
  • Failing to install protective bars or glass for employees working late in high-crime areas

Other failures may have contributed to your injuries. If so, our team can evaluate those details and address them accordingly.

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We Will Seek Full Coverage for Your Losses in Alachua County, Florida

Suffering harm due to negligent security affects both your physical and mental health. We will pursue compensation that accounts for each aspect of your situation, including your necessary medical treatments and mental anguish.

We will seek:

Pain and Suffering

You can seek pain and suffering for the harm done to your body and mind. Many claimants often ask: “How much can I recover for this expense?” That all depends on your situation, including your economic losses and mental state.

Medical Expenses

The liable parties should cover your healthcare costs. Coverage should account for your past, present, and future necessary treatments.

Professional Losses

You shouldn’t force yourself to attend work while you’re seriously injured. You may recover:

  • Lost income
  • Lost future earning power
  • Lost bonuses
  • Diminished productivity
  • Other professional damages, such as promotions

We’ll seek fair compensation for any other losses that you have.

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You Must Act Within Florida’s Statute of Limitations

You generally have two years to file your injury lawsuit, per Florida law. If you or another personal representative of the estate are filing on behalf of a late loved one, you typically have two years to file.

We understand that, right now, you’re feeling especially vulnerable. You should be taking the time to focus on your physical and mental health, not managing a complex injury case and its deadlines.

Our negligent security team in Gainesville will manage everything your case requires, allowing you the time you need to recover or grieve. However, if you delay in seeking our help, you risk losing the right to seek damages.

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Bogin, Munns & Munns Will Handle Your Entire Negligent Security Case

When you hire our firm, you can turn your attention to recovery. We’ll handle every step of your case, from our initial meeting until we resolve your claim. We will hire any experts who can help with your case – all at no direct cost to you.

Our duties include:

  • Visiting the property where you suffered harm
  • Identifying every security-related failure
  • Gathering case-related evidence
  • Obtaining proof of your damages
  • Calculating the cost of your losses
  • Completing settlement negotiations
  • Completing any necessary trial

We’ll provide updates about your case as necessary. When it comes to seeking justice for negligent security, you can rely on Bogin, Munns & Munns.

Why Choose Bogin, Munns & Munns for a Negligent Security Case?

Bogin, Munns & Munns has served negligent security claimants in Florida for more than 40 years. We know the Gainesville area well, and we’ve won cases for clients in the city. We offer clients like you respect, dignity, and fairness.

Our former clients speak highly of our team:

  • “They are a top flight personal injury law firm. Through my interactions with this law firm, I know they get great results for their clients. I would not hesitate to use them for myself, family or friends.” – William R., former client
  • “Great experience I would highly recommend them to everyone. My attorney is very professional, experienced, attentive, and knowledgeable of the case. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him and this firm. Thank you, I’m very satisfied with the results.” – Linda M., former client

These are just two of the positive, lasting impressions we’ve left on clients.

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