Gainesville Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Gainesville Workplace Discrimination Lawyer
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You should never have to endure unfavorable treatment when you go to work. But, unfortunately, many people of protected statuses find themselves victims of workplace discrimination.

If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, your employer or colleagues may be violating state and federal employment laws. You can work with a Gainesville workplace discrimination lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns to hold them accountable and recover damages.

What Is Workplace Discrimination?

Discrimination at work can come in many forms. However, when you are dealing with workplace discrimination, it is important to understand the different types so you can recognize the signs and act where appropriate.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

This discrimination occurs when an individual is treated unfairly due to their sexual orientation. No one should ever feel unsafe in their work environment, suffer harassment, or be denied job opportunities because of their sexual orientation.

These are just a few examples of sexual orientation discrimination. If you believe you are a victim of sexual orientation discrimination, we could help you get justice.

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment and sex discrimination at work involve unwanted sexual advances and unreasonable treatment due to a person’s gender. 

It could also involve being denied a promotion when you become pregnant, being harassed when you do not conform to traditional gender stereotypes, or being terminated based on your sexual orientation or gender identity.


Suppose you make a complaint after being discriminated against at work, stand up against someone else being discriminated, or participate in a workplace discrimination investigation. If your employer subsequently fires you, demotes you, fails to promote you, or takes other adverse action against you, you may have grounds for a retaliation complaint against them.

Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination is when a person is treated unfavorably due to religious beliefs. However, this does not just include refusing to hire someone based on their religion, firing them due to their religion, or harassing them because of their religious beliefs. 

Employers who refuse to make reasonable accommodations so a person can observe their religious beliefs could also have a complaint for religious discrimination brought against them.

National Origin Discrimination

With national origin discrimination, an individual may be subject to:

  • Unfair English-fluency requirements at work
  • Harassment because of their ethnicity
  • Unfair treatment because of their accent
  • Other unfavorable treatment due to their association with a specific national origin

If you are a victim of national origin discrimination at work, you may have the right to pursue a complaint for this form of workplace discrimination.

Anyone associated with someone of a particular national origin could also be at risk for the fallout of national origin discrimination at work.

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anyone harassed or treated with hostility due to a disability may be a victim of disability discrimination. You might also be able to file a complaint for disability discrimination if your employer refuses or fails to accommodate your disability.

Age Discrimination

Another type of discrimination includes age discrimination. Here, people aged 40 and older may face adverse action in the workplace. It is not uncommon for people 40 and older to find themselves pressured into retiring early or resigning from their positions by younger colleagues or supervisors. 

Age discrimination can involve a denial of job promotions, harassment, intimidation, and wrongful termination. Suppose you are unsure whether you are a victim of age discrimination. The best way to find out is by speaking with our Gainesville workplace discrimination lawyer about the specific circumstances of your case.

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Filing a Gainesville Workplace Discrimination Complaint  

Are you ready to take action against workplace discrimination in Alachua County? If so, you have multiple options. To start, you may have the opportunity to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This may be your best option if your employer or other parties violated federal employment laws. However, for statewide employment law violations, you can file a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR).

In taking legal action for your workplace discrimination, you could recover your damages. For example, you could be reinstated in your former position if you were wrongfully terminated, receive double back pay, get your employer to cover the costs of your mental health counseling, and more.

Find out what is next for your workplace discrimination complaint when you reach out to our Gainesville employment lawyers for help.

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Important Workplace Discrimination Claim Deadlines in Gainesville

There are deadlines to consider when filing a workplace discrimination complaint. If you fail to file your complaint before your deadline, you may be unable to recover your damages. If your workplace discrimination complaint includes a violation of federal employment laws, you will have 300 days to get your workplace discrimination complaint filed. 

However, in some instances, you may have as few as 180 days if you are filing an EEOC or FCHR complaint. It is not always clear what the deadline is for your workplace discrimination complaint. You can get the answers you are looking for when you contact our office to discuss the specific details of your case.

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