Titusville Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Titusville Workplace Discrimination Lawyer
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Have you suffered considerable losses from workplace discrimination? Are you wondering how you can hold the liable party accountable and recover the compensation you are entitled to?

If so, a Titusville workplace discrimination lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns could help. When you need legal support proving employment law violations, our attorneys can help.

Types of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can take many forms. Here are some types you may be able to sue for:

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination typically affects individuals aged 40 and older. Older people may have more difficulty finding jobs and face harassment when their bosses are younger or forcing them to resign. Age discrimination often results in wrongful termination if employees refuse to retire.

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination includes making assumptions about a disabled individual’s capabilities and subjection to unfair work policies and hostility from colleagues.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), many workplace discrimination claims involve failure to accommodate disabilities or disability discrimination.

National Origin Discrimination

You could file a complaint for national origin discrimination if you are treated differently or met with hostility because you are from another part of the world. It is also national origin discrimination if you face hostility for being perceived to be of a certain national origin or having an accent.

National origin discrimination often involves discrimination against someone who struggles to speak English fluently. However, national origin discrimination can also include harassment, demotion, termination, and being denied job opportunities.

Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination involves treating an employee unfairly due to their race or association with a race. It may be the employee has personal features or characteristics associated with a particular race, or an individual could be married to a person of another race.

Anytime an employer demotes, terminates, retaliates against, fails to promote, or allows their employees to be privy to a hostile work environment, they could have complaints brought against them for racial discrimination.

Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination involves treating an employee unfavorably due to their religious or moral beliefs. If an employer fails to promote, wrongfully terminates, retaliates against, refuses to hire, or harasses an employee for their religious beliefs, you can take action against them.

Religious discrimination can impact individuals associated with particular religions and include your employer failing to provide you with reasonable accommodations to account for your religious beliefs or practices.

Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination at Work

Sexual harassment and sex discrimination on the job involves denying someone equal employment opportunities due to their sex. This can include:

  • Being treated differently based on gender stereotypes
  • Being treated differently due to your sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Being treated differently because you are perceived to be of a specific gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Being treated with hostility due to pregnancy
  • Refusing to hire someone due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or for any other reason related to their gender
  • Demotion or termination
  • Harassment of someone due to their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Quid pro quo
  • Unwanted sexual advances or touching of any kind

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination involves being treated differently due to your gender. Most often, women are the subject of gender discrimination. They may get paid less than their male counterparts, be denied promotions, remain untrained for leadership roles, and be sidelined when they choose to expand their families.

Women may also face subjection to hostility in the workplace for being considered aggressive, which is often a trait that management and CEOs look for in male employees.

Hostile Work Environments

If you are subjected to a hostile work environment due to your religion, disability, race, gender, or other protected status, your employer has a responsibility to put a stop to it. They must take action against those engaging in harassment and other similar behaviors.

Failure to exercise control over employees and contractors can result in employer liability for your workplace discrimination and harassment.


When you take steps to report discriminatory acts or make complaints against individuals discriminating against you, and you face adverse action, you may be at risk for retaliation.

If your employer demotes you, fires you, fails to promote you, harasses you, or discriminates against you when you oppose discriminatory actions at your job, you may have grounds for legal action against them.

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Filing a Brevard County Workplace Discrimination Claim

When you are ready to move forward with your workplace discrimination claim in Titusville, there are several options that may be available to you. First, you may have the opportunity to file a complaint with the EEOC, which is a federal employment discrimination program.

In Florida, you can also file a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR). It is important to know how much time you have to file your claim, as the deadline varies from case to case. Claimants typically have 180 days to file their workplace discrimination claim, but if you are filing on a state level, you could have 300 days.

If your claim is successful, your boss or other responsible parties may have to pay you double back pay, reinstate you and your previous position, and pay fines. These parties could also face other penalties if they violated state or federal employment discrimination laws.

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