Titusville Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Titusville Sexual Harassment Lawyer
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As an employee, you are entitled to a workplace free from sexual harassment or abuse. Unfortunately, many employers fail to take the necessary steps to provide a safe work environment. In these cases, pursuing legal action could be a viable option for ending the harassment and seeking compensation.

If you have faced sexual harassment at work, now is the time to learn about your legal options. Any delay in pursuing a case could work against you, so it is important that you talk to an attorney right away. A Titusville sexual harassment lawyer with Bogin, Munns & Munns can advise you on your best path forward. You can start with a consultation.

What Is the Standard for Sexual Harassment?

As with most things, there are degrees of harmful and negative behavior that can occur at the workplace. For actions to be considered sexual harassment, they must reach a level of severity that affects your ability to do your job. According to the law, the standard for sexual harassment is whether the treatment you face is “sufficiently severe and pervasive to alter the terms and conditions of your employment.”

Sexual harassment can impact your employment in several ways. If a supervisor comes to you with a quid pro quo ultimatum and you reject them, any retaliation could be clear evidence of sexual harassment. Any unwanted physical or verbal encounters of a sexual nature could also be evidence of harassment.

It is understandable if you are not sure if what you have experienced rises to that level. Many people rationalize facing sexual harassment at work to the point where they do not recognize they are on the receiving end of it. Our law firm can evaluate your experience and help determine if you have a case for compensation.

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Common Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Numerous actions could qualify as acts of sexual harassment. However, these acts generally fall into two broad categories. The categories of sexual harassment include hostile work environments and quid pro quo harassment. Either form of harassment could result in a viable legal claim.

Hostile Work Environment

Many sexual harassment cases stem from the creation of a hostile work environment. A work environment is hostile when sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination make it so toxic that it is impossible for you to comfortably perform your work. This type of harassment takes different forms.

Sometimes, a hostile work environment results from unwanted sexual advances or touching. However, acts do not have to be this brazen to qualify as creating a hostile work environment. Inappropriate sexual jokes or references are also a sign of a hostile work environment.

A hostile work environment can also involve aggressive treatment due to the rejection of sexual advances. Facing intimidation, retaliation, or gender-based discrimination also qualifies as creating a hostile work environment. What’s more, an employer’s failure to promptly respond to allegations of harassment could also further this environment.

Quid Pro Quo

The term “quid pro quo” is Latin for “this for that.” As the name suggests, quid pro quo harassment involves an employer or supervisor promising to reward you at work in exchange for sexual favors. Alternatively, quid pro quo harassment can involve an employer or supervisor threatening or punishing an employee for rejecting their sexual advances. These threats or promises can be either expressed or implied.

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What Compensation Is Available for Titusville Sexual Harassment Claims?

Lawsuits related to sexual harassment are civil in nature. That means if they are successful, the remedy you are entitled to recover is typically monetary payments. However, the courts also have the power to address your employment, including ordering your employer to reinstate your job or provide back pay. Damages that could be available in a Titusville sexual harassment case include:


Many sexual harassment cases come about after a victim of harassment is fired or forced to quit their job. A successful lawsuit could require the employer do not only reinstate you to your position but also to cover your lost pay and benefits. This could include back pay from the date of your termination to the point of your reinstatement.

Front Pay

In some cases, you might also be entitled to “front pay.” This compensation covers what you would have earned in the future had you stayed in that position. This is an option for people who are uncomfortable returning to the workplace due to the harassment they experienced.

Compensatory Damages

You could also be entitled to compensatory damages that the harassment caused. This includes any out-of-pocket costs you sustained due to harassment in the workplace. These damages could include the cost of anything from medical care to counseling. The purpose of this type of compensation is to return you to the financial position you would be in had you not been harassed.

Emotional Damages

The emotional trauma that can come with sexual harassment is often severe. If you experienced this form of harassment, this trauma could linger long after your employment ends. You could be entitled to damages based on the extent of your emotional trauma.

Punitive Damages

Workplace sexual harassment can also qualify for punitive damages. Unlike other forms of compensation, punitive damages to not exist to help a victim recover what was lost. Instead, they are intended to punish a person for egregious behavior and deter others from similar actions.

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No one should have to face workplace sexual harassment. If you experienced harassment on the job in Titusville, it is important that you protect your rights. The pursuit of legal action against your employer could provide you with a safe work environment as well as the financial compensation you deserve. If you want to pursue a successful legal claim, you can start by talking with the legal professionals at our firm.

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