St. Cloud Sexual Harassment Lawyer

St. Cloud Sexual Harassment Lawyer
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Are you a St. Cloud, Florida resident who is experiencing sexual harassment? Have you told the person harassing you to stop their behavior, only to have them persist? It’s a frustrating situation that happens to too many people, and many sexual harassment victims feel they have no options. However, you do have options. A St. Cloud sexual harassment lawyer can help you demand damages for your pain and suffering.

You may not realize it, but as a sexual harassment victim, you may have the legal right to hold whoever is harassing you financially accountable in a personal injury case. Bogin, Munns & Munns has been helping personal injury victims (including those experiencing sexual harassment) get the justice they deserve for over 40 years. Our St. Cloud attorneys can help you stop the harassment and fight for compensation.

What Can a St. Cloud Sexual Harassment Lawyer Do for You?

One of the worst things about sexual harassment is that the person (or people) doing the harassing may see it as a harmless bit of fun. Some even see it as a legitimate means of expressing romantic intentions. Because of this, they often refuse to stop when you ask them to or think you’re just “playing hard to get.”

In many instances, receiving a demand letter from a St. Cloud sexual harassment attorney will make them take notice. As a Bogin, Munns & Munns client, you are our top priority. Along with pursuing damages for you, our primary mission is to bring the harassment you’re experiencing to a halt. Once that’s done, we can seek damages for the mental stress, aggravation, and suffering the harassment has caused.

Part of that process includes:

  • Representing you in direct negotiations with the defendant or their legal representatives
  • Filing your case before the statute of limitations expires
  • Collecting evidence to prove the extent of the harassment you endured
  • Interviewing witnesses who can verify the harassment
  • Representing your case at trial if necessary

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Anyone Can Be a Sexual Harassment Victim

Although many people may think of sexual harassment as something that only happens to women, it can happen to anyone. Men, women, and even children can be sexual harassment victims. The truth is that sexual harassment is often more about power than sexual attraction. People who commit acts of sexual harassment want to exercise power over their victims. We want to help you take the power back!

Our St. Cloud sexual harassment attorneys are compassionate and treat our clients like family. No matter who you are, you can reach out to us with your concerns and trust that we will take those concerns seriously. Don’t worry about the cost, as we work on a contingency-fee basis.

Where Does Sexual Harassment Take Place?

In much the same way that sexual harassment can happen to anyone, it can happen almost anywhere in St. Cloud. The sexual harassment lawyers at our firm have represented plaintiffs who were harassed in various places, including where they live, where they go to school, and even where they work.

Although people are supposed to behave professionally in an office or other workplace, sexual harassment in the workplace is common. It’s been going on for decades, and as much as we’d like to think it’s part of the “olden days,” it still happens far too often. Our attorneys want to stop it by holding harassers financially accountable.

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Common Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment in St. Cloud

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of ways an employee can experience workplace sexual harassment. However, some common forms of workplace harassment include:

  • Making romantic or sexual advances at co-workers and/or repeating those advances after being told to stop
  • Using vulgar, offensive, or unacceptable language of a sexual nature (e.g., sexually inappropriate jokes or epithets)
  • Making inappropriate comments about someone’s body or clothing
  • Creating or distributing sexually explicit images to other employees
  • Giving employees the impression that their job security or prospects for hiring or promotion hinge on granting sexual favors

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What Damages Are Available in a Sexual Harassment Case?

Although they don’t necessarily result in physical injury, St. Cloud sexual harassment claims can be pursued in civil court as personal injury cases. Victims of sexual harassment typically suffer high levels of stress and mental anguish because of their ordeal. Florida law allows you to demand compensation for this stress and aggravation.

Aside from pain and suffering, sexual harassment may also have economic costs. For example, if you were fired or denied a promotion due to your refusal to accept sexual advances or because you reported sexual harassment, you can demand compensation for your lost income. The same principle would apply if you quit your job to look for other employment due to the severity of the harassment you suffered.

A St. Cloud sexual harassment lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns will work with you to fully understand the pain and suffering you endured, as well as any economic losses you sustained. Our mission is to help you hold your harasser financially accountable for the full weight of your losses.

Your Employer May Also Have Liability in a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual harassment in the workplace is not a new problem. That’s why employers are legally obligated to create and maintain a working environment free from harassment. This is usually best accomplished through a proactive program of employee education and devising a comprehensive company policy that makes it clear that sexual harassment is unacceptable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

If you reported sexual harassment to your employer and they didn’t take adequate steps to stop the offending behavior, they may also be liable for damages. The same may be true if they allowed a workplace that openly accepted or implicitly encouraged sexual harassment. When the St. Cloud workplace sexual harassment attorneys from our firm represent your case, this is one of the things we will look for in the evidence-gathering process.

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How Much Is Your Sexual Harassment Case Worth?

Because sexual harassment takes so many forms and affects its victims in many ways, the value of each sexual harassment case varies greatly. Your case’s value will be specific to the economic and non-economic damages you suffered.

Calculating your earning potential and lost wages, along with your level of pain and suffering, is best done with assistance from a St. Cloud workplace sexual harassment lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns.

You Won’t Pay Upfront Costs to Hire a St. Cloud Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Bogin, Munns & Munns is firmly committed to fighting for our clients and treating them like family. We understand that many victims of sexual harassment are also experiencing financial hardship and may be unable to afford to pay out of pocket when hiring a St. Cloud sexual assault lawyer from our firm. As part of our commitment to our clients, when we take sexual assault cases, we do it on a contingency basis.

That means you won’t pay upfront costs if we take your case. You’ll only be billed for our services if we win your case, and our fee will come out of your settlement or court award. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today at Bogin, Munns & Munns if you’re experiencing harassment. We want to help.

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