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Disputes on a construction site can lead to lengthy and costly delays. They can also have a ripple effect causing ongoing and chain-reaction legal issues and delays. These can stem from material vendors and suppliers, land use issues, and permit and regulation non-compliance. If your construction project is experiencing issues like these, our construction law attorney in The Villages can help you refocus your project and get construction back underway.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our legal team can help you navigate the complex issues that force a stop to your work or cause added expenses. When we represent your company in your construction case, we make sure you understand how state and local laws affect your case. We clarify your rights and responsibilities and help you compel vendors and others to live up to theirs.

Our Construction Law Practice Areas in The Villages

Construction projects can range from single-family homes to retail and office space to major renovations. A project of any size can lead to major issues and setbacks that require legal intervention to resolve.

Construction law matters can include:

  • Design mishaps and oversights
  • Contract and payment disputes
  • Materials and supplies concerns
  • Land use, zoning, and permits

Our construction law team will represent you in these and other disputes that lead to costly project delays.

Design Mishaps and Oversights

Any deviation—no matter how large or small—from your design plan and blueprints can cause delays or non-compliance with local regulations, as well as those of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Design mishaps and oversights include:

  • Lack of clear instruction
  • Failure to follow design plans
  • Failure to meet business codes
  • Miscalculations of space dimensions

If a contractor, subcontractor, or builder failed to complete your project as per your design, our legal team can help you pursue compensation. Once recovered, it can help you bring your property into compliance by making mandatory modifications. Compensation can also ensure you are able to restart a project or compel a builder or other vendor to correct their previous work.

Contract and Payment Disputes

Our legal team can help you navigate any breach of contract that affects your construction project. A breach of contract dispute is time-sensitive. Failure to file on time could leave you with no legal avenue that compels compliance with the contract.

If negotiations are prolonged or the negligent party is unwilling to reach an agreeable settlement, we make sure to file your potential lawsuit within the allotted time. Per Florida Statutes § 95.11, you generally have up to five years to file a breach of contract lawsuit in The Villages.

Materials and Supplies Concerns

If the materials and supplies your construction project requires are substandard, fail to comply with local codes, or are not delivered on time, it can affect every aspect of your building project. These issues can stem from contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our construction attorney can help ensure you understand local regulations, building codes, and material mandates. We also help you hold vendors and suppliers accountable for materials that do not meet clearly defined requirements.

Land Use, Zoning, and Permits

Project planning and land use are carefully regulated in The Villages. When our construction law team is on your side from the beginning, we make sure you understand how state and local laws and regulations apply to your project.

In addition, Sumter County, Florida Building Services handles building and permit regulations for construction projects in The Villages. We can help ensure you have all required permits in place and ensure the future use plans for your project fit the zoning requirements for the location.

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Our Bogin, Munns & Munns Construction Law Attorney Services

If your construction project in The Villages is facing possible litigation, we work hard to help you reach an out-of-court resolution that satisfies all parties. Doing so can prevent or alleviate a work stoppage, breach of contract, or other types of legal disputes. We help resolve construction law matters from contract disputes to material and supplies issues to local permit concerns.

To bolster and support your construction law case, our law firm will:

  • Ensure all deadlines are complied with
  • Review all paperwork and contracts
  • Handle all communication and correspondence
  • Oversee your case from start to finish
  • Keep you updated as your case progresses

While our goal is to settle your case without the time and expense of a lengthy trial, we will not hesitate to represent you in court and help you keep fighting for the best possible outcome.

Read What Clients Say About Working With Our Legal Team

When we handle your case, we make sure you get the ongoing legal service and support you need from beginning to resolution. Clients we represented in the past say the following:

  • Melia Toth: “My experience with Bogin, Munns and Munns has been exceptional. From the beginning they’ve guided me with advice and stayed on top of the case…the friendly demeanor and professionalism they have shown allows me to easily give all 5 stars. Thank you all for your superior service.”
  • Martha Alonso: “The lawyers and the case manager were very helpful, so professional, and incredibly nice! Always kept me up to date process and would answer all my questions. If I ever need them again, I [will] contact them! Highly recommend!”

When we handle your case, we put you and your preferred outcome first. Browse additional reviews on our Google page to learn more about our focus on client care.

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