What Questions Should I Ask a Construction Lawyer?

What Questions Should I Ask a Construction Lawyer?
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When you meet with a law firm for the first time, it is good to plan out what questions you should ask a construction lawyer ahead of time. Those questions might include topics like:

  • Their range of experience
  • Their staff
  • How they handle disputes with various parties
  • Fee agreements
  • Any topics you feel will be relevant to your company’s needs.

Preparing to Question a Lawyer About Construction Law

Before you start visiting construction law firms, prepare yourself by:

  • Brainstorming questions to ask (you can always add questions as the conversation progresses and new topics come to mind)
  • Bringing a pen and paper to take notes throughout the conversation
  • Realizing that you should not sign any contracts during the first meeting—you will want time to consider your options and review the contract.

Hiring the right construction lawyer is vital to the success of your project. However, a little preparation can help you pick the legal team that offers the most benefit to you.

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A Construction Law Firm’s Experience Matters

Construction law involves many discrete tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Drawing up contracts with suppliers, employees, and others
  • Settling disputes and legal actions between the various parties you deal with, including local governments
  • Interpreting local, state, and federal laws that may affect your project

You want to make sure that the commercial law lawyer you hire has experience in the areas that you will need them to deal with most. For instance, if you need a particular kind of contract drawn up, ask the attorney if they have dealt with such contracts in the past and, if so, whether or not those contracts produced good outcomes.

Get to Know the Lawyer’s Legal Staff

Your lawyer is not the only person you will have to deal with at the firm. Paralegals, clerks, and secretaries will also assist you with various aspects of your project. Ask if you can briefly meet some of these people. This way, you can be sure you get along with them and are comfortable with their qualifications.

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Handling Disputes Over Construction Laws

Construction companies have to interact with many other parties, so some disputes are inevitable. For example, a supplier may disagree with how to interpret a contract, or a worker may exercise their right to seek workers’ compensation benefits under Florida Statutes § 440.15. During such disputes, your lawyer should:

  • Explain to you the different ways you can handle the dispute
  • Protect your rights and interests at all times
  • Represent you during mediations and negotiations
  • Represent you in the courtroom as necessary

To make sure your construction attorney is up to the task, ask them for examples of how they have handled disputes in the past, including whether or not they have courtroom experience. If you are currently facing legal action, explain your circumstances and ask how they would handle your case.

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Fee Agreements for Construction Lawyers

There are several ways that a law firm may collect payment from clients. Some work for an hourly wage, while others will ask for a lump sum. There is also a contingency fee, though this does not apply to commercial law as often as it does to other types of cases.

Before you sign a contract with a law firm, make sure you thoroughly understand:

  • What payment structure they use
  • How much you have to pay
  • When they expect payment
  • What factors could raise or lower the amount you have to pay

You can also ask for a copy of the contract to look over on your own time.

Construction Laws and Regulations Relevant to You

If there is any particular aspect of your project that you need (or expect to need) legal help with, make sure to ask about it, especially if it is something unusual that a construction lawyer may not have experience with. Neither of you wants to be surprised down the road.

Considering Your Options for Hiring a Lawyer

It is usually a good idea to meet with several law firms before signing a contract with one. This enables you to compare and contrast how different law firms do business and make sure you choose the most prepared firm to meet your needs.

Take a few days to weigh your options, review the contracts, ask others for advice, and contact law firms with follow-up questions as necessary. Only once you are completely satisfied with the contract and the answers you have received to your questions should you hire an attorney.

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