The Villages Litigation and Trial Lawyer

The Villages Litigation And Trial Lawyer
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Civil, commercial, or business litigation are serious matters that require attention to detail and careful scrutiny of your case. If you, your family, or your company or corporation are facing an upcoming legal matter, the Villages litigation and trial lawyer from our firm can help you prepare your case and represent you at trial. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we take care of the details and provide you with peace of mind.

To bolster and strengthen your case, our law firm will listen to your version of events and collect evidence that supports your right to recovery or relief. We also locate and interview lay witnesses and expert consultants on your behalf. We leave no stone unturned when building your case and fight hard to achieve your desired outcome.

Types of Litigation and Trial Cases Our Law Firm Handles

Litigation is a broad legal term that can encompass a large variety of disputes and court cases. We take your specific legal issues into consideration and work hard to reach your desired outcome.

Common trial and litigation cases our team handles are listed on our Practice Areas page and include:

  • Business disputes
  • Construction issues
  • Contested divorces
  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Eminent domain
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Licensing
  • Real estate litigation
  • Trial advocacy

We start every new case with a comprehensive review to make ensure we get to know you and understand your legal needs. We also make sure you get to know our law firm and understand how hard we fight for every client we represent.

Types of Civil Litigation We Handle

We also handle many civil lawsuits. While most personal injury and similar civil cases are resolved outside of court, some do require a trial to ensure our clients receive appropriate compensation.

Our law firm represents clients in personal injury cases including the following types of civil trials:

  • Product liability
  • Animal attacks
  • Medical malpractice
  • Family law
  • Premises liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wrongful death cases

You never have to fight back against negligent parties on your own. Do not hesitate to put our personal injury law firm to work for you.

Interpreting the Statute of Limitations in Your Case

As we prepare your case for the trial process, we make sure its filing complies with the relevant statute of limitations. In The Villages, Florida Statutes § 95 governs many types of court cases.

Some relevant statutes of limitations that may apply to you case in the Villages include:

  • The personal injury statute of limitations which is generally two years
  • The wrongful death statute of limitations which is generally two years
  • The contract law statute of limitations which is generally five years
  • The real estate improvement statute of limitations which is generally four years
  • The medical malpractice statute of limitations which is generally two years, with a four-year statute of repose

In certain types of cases, the statute of limitations can also fluctuate. Florida Statutes § 95.051 provides information on exceptions to the filing deadline that may apply to your case. Our litigation and trial lawyer will ensure your lawsuit is not subjected to the risks of non-compliance by ensuring it is filed on time.

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Work With a Trial Attorney Who Is Committed to Your Case

When you trust our litigation and trial lawyer with your legal case in The Villages, we start with a thorough investigation and comprehensive evidence collection. This helps us form the foundation of your case and build a strong case file.

Our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns does all of the following for you:

  • Explain the strengths and merits of your case
  • Clarify state and local laws that impact your case
  • Collect, sort, and organize supporting evidence
  • Explain the nuances of the litigation process
  • Accompany you at all court appearances
  • Foster open and transparent communication

We do not leave you guessing or unaware. Instead, we provide you with ongoing updates as your case progresses. We prepare a robust case that includes evidence, exhibits, and lay and expert testimony.

Because litigation and trial cases require attention to detail, we make sure your case contains all of the following as needed:

Expert Witnesses

Many court cases rely on the testimony and opinions of industry, medical, or other relevant qualified expert witnesses. If they are beneficial to your case, we locate and consult with these experts on your behalf.

Bad Faith Protection

Many civil and commercial matters go to court as the result of bad faith insurance practices. Our law firm will protect you from these which can include unmerited denials, delays in paying a settlement, refusal to negotiate, and failure to conduct an appropriate investigation.

See What Previous Clients Say About Bogin, Munns & Munns

Our law firm is committed to helping clients in The Villages with their litigation and trial needs. When they talk about our responsive, supportive team, our previous clients say the following:

  • Chip Zoegall: We worked with Tatiana Cruz at Bogin, Munns and Munns. She and her team handled a B2B collection matter quickly, fairly and was able to reach a settlement that worked for all parties. I highly recommend she and her firm.
  • Eric Bressler: Bogin, Munns & Munns was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of my case. They were quick to respond to any questions I had and made sure to keep things moving with no delay.

We work hard to make your case a priority. You, too, can enjoy focused legal support from the beginning of your case and throughout the trial process.

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