St. Cloud Litigation and Trial Lawyer

St. Cloud Litigation And Trial Lawyer
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Whether you’re dealing with a neighbor who cut down your mango tree because he claimed it was on his property or a competing business is using your name, you have a legal dispute on your hands. People looking to resolve their legal woes turn to litigators for help.

Bogin, Munns & Munns is a law firm well-versed in litigation involving individual clients and large corporations. If you’re facing or considering legal action against someone else, a St. Cloud litigation and trial lawyer at our firm can assist you. We can discuss the unique details of your case through a consultation. A member of our team will answer all your questions and help you determine your legal options.

What Is Litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking legal action. More accurately, it is the process of resolving legal disputes. Essentially, it covers the spectrum of practice areas in which one might have a complaint against another individual or company, from medical malpractice to copyright infringement, and everything in between.

Litigators are attorneys who do a great deal of researching, writing, and investigating. They spend time communicating with the opposing party or their counsel. They also strategize to negotiate the most beneficial terms or compensation for their clients.

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Not All Lawyers Are Litigators

Litigators specifically strive to resolve disputes. Not all attorneys serve that purpose. Some attorneys are oriented towards specific procedures. For instance, probate lawyers assist executors in administering the estate of the deceased. Entertainment lawyers help people create and review contracts or establish legal compliance within their entertainment venture.

That is not to say that lawyers who handle non-disputes can’t also be litigators. Indeed, the areas of expertise and experience can and do overlap but being an attorney does not automatically mean you are a litigator.

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Litigation Includes Going to Trial

People often assume that litigation is the act of arguing at trial. While that is a facet of litigation, it is only a part of the bigger picture. The majority of litigation takes place before a trial ever occurs, if it does at all. In fact, the goal of litigation for most lawyers is to resolve legal disputes without going to trial. Fighting in court tends to be expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting. If it can be avoided, all parties are generally much happier.

A trial is not always desirable, but sometimes it is necessary. That’s why having a robust legal team on your side is invaluable. Our litigation lawyers serving St. Cloud and Osceola County, Florida are experienced at going to trial if that’s what it takes to win your case.

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Not All Litigators Are Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are litigators but not all litigators are trial lawyers. Trial lawyers know how to fight in court. They present opening and closing arguments, they cross-examine witnesses, they select jurors, and they know how to interact with judges. They know how to win in court, and our St. Cloud trial and litigation attorneys do just that.

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Advocating for Clients Throughout Our Central Florida Community

We go to bat for our clients. Central Florida is not just a market to us, it’s our community. As such, we are dedicated to bringing justice and resolving disputes for our individual clients and our business clients, both large and small. A diverse pool of talented attorneys practicing various areas of law allows us to serve St. Cloud and surrounding areas without compromise.

When you work with a litigation and trial lawyer on our team, we will fight for your rights and best interests throughout the entire legal process. Our litigation attorneys will:

Investigate the Facts of Your Case

We research and investigate the details of your case to find the documentation and evidence needed to prove your claims and confidently demand compensation or other desired resolution.

Communicate With the Opposing Party

Our litigation and trial attorneys serving St. Cloud handle all communications with the opposing party. Whether phone calls, emails, video conferences, or in-person meetings, we keep up with correspondence regarding your case. We also communicate with third parties on your behalf to gather information, collect documents, or answer questions that pertain to your legal matter.

Work to Negotiate the Best Possible Resolution

Litigation is a dance of strategy designed to secure you the best possible outcome in your case. A significant portion of that is negotiating with the other party.

Our St. Cloud lawyers represent your interests in negotiations and push back against any offers or compromises that do not satisfy your goals.

Bring the Fight to Trial

If there is no pre-trial resolution, either in informal negotiations, arbitration, or mediation, a trial lawyer will bring the fight to court. The St. Cloud trial attorneys at our firm are adept at applying pressure in the courtroom. We will draft the appropriate motions, gather witnesses, and work hard to present a compelling argument before the judge and jury.

We Take Care of a Wide Range of Legal Disputes

Our law firm handles a large spectrum of litigation disputes, including, but not limited to:

Civil Litigation

Personal injury law is one type of civil dispute we handle. Within that category we handle:

Other types of civil litigation we handle include:

  • Insurance litigation
  • Family law, such as custody and divorce
  • Immigration law
  • Probate disputes

Business Litigation

Business law covers a wide variety of practice areas. We help you resolve conflicts involving:

Other Types of Disputes

We also take on litigation involving:

Bogin, Munns & Munns Is Here to Serve St. Cloud and Central Florida

Bogin, Munns & Munns has been serving people and corporations throughout Florida for over 40 years. We maintain 13 locations in the Sunshine State for your convenience. If you have a legal matter and you want it resolved with care, a St. Cloud litigation and trial lawyer at our firm is here to serve. Call us to set up a consultation today.

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