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Construction projects in Florida can involve a wide range of ventures that deal with multiple plans, documents, and contracts. It also means dealing with vendors, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. When one thing goes wrong in a construction project, it can cause a domino effect of complications.

If any issues arise that require legal support, our construction law and litigation team at Bogin, Munns & Munns can resolve them. A Daytona construction law attorney from our firm can combat any challenges that prevent you from completing a project.

Our Construction Law Attorney’s Practice Areas in Daytona

Just as construction projects vary greatly from single-family homes to large commercial buildings, so do our clients’ legal concerns. Our law firm provides guidance and direction with the following legal matters:

Payment Disputes

Payment disputes and delays can cause issues for more than one party in a construction project. Our law firm will review all contracts and paperwork related to your construction transaction.

Whether you are the project’s owner, contractor, or supplier, if you have not received adequate payment, our law firm will uphold your rights. We can compel payment from the other party or start the eviction process, if applicable.

Delays and Defects

A single delay on a construction project can have a ripple effect that quickly turns your project into a time-management challenge. Construction delays can have a number of causes, including:

  • Delays in shipping
  • Problems receiving building materials
  • Problems with completed projects (such as a lack of structural integrity)
  • Contractors who do not arrive to work
  • Disputes between workers or project managers

We will identify the cause of your initial and subsequent delays. Then, we will find workable resolutions that get your project back on track.

Design Errors and Omissions

Design errors and omissions in a construction project may not satisfy your design goals. It can also mean your project does not meet all required building codes or ADA requirements.

If the builder or contractor in charge of your project did not accurately follow your instructions, our legal team will find appropriate remedies and bring your project into compliance.

Service Area Coverage Issues

New construction projects typically involve a wide range of infrastructure ventures— everything from utilities to cell phone towers.

Our construction law lawyer is familiar with state and local law and can help you understand how to set up appropriate infrastructure in Daytona. We can also ensure compliance with local ordinances that govern the acquisition of infrastructure and related contracts.

Permits and Zoning Laws

Daytona Beach’s CivicPlus® program determines which permits your construction project requires and the amount of fees you can expect to incur. These permits can be obtained in Daytona’s City Hall. This office will also govern requirements for new construction and zoning.

You do not have to tackle these project-delaying issues on your own. When you turn to our client-focused law firm for support, we strive for the best possible outcome.

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We Manage Legal Matters Related to These Projects

Bogin, Munns & Munns manages legal matters related to:

  • Residential properties, from single-family homes to multi-family complexes
  • Commercial ventures, including shopping centers and standalone retail stores
  • Public utilities, such as roadways
  • Agricultural land
  • Industrial structures, such as factories
  • Ventures in the public and private sectors

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Trust Your Legal Matters to Our Construction Law Lawyer Serving Daytona

If potential or existing legal issues are plaguing your construction project, our legal team is ready to manage your case. We understand how intricate and complex construction law matters can be, so we put our familiarity with these matters at your disposal.

To bolster and support your construction action, our law firm will:

  • Clarify all state and local notifications
  • Manage all necessary communications on your behalf
  • Handle all documents related to your case, including permits, blueprints, construction plans, and legal forms
  • Provide ongoing updates on progress and developments related to your case

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our client support team is committed to handling the minutiae of preparing, negotiating, and litigating your case. While we advocate for you, you can focus on running, growing, and expanding your real estate or construction business.

We Will Meet All Necessary Deadlines

The law limits how long you have to pursue legal action against another party in a construction lawsuit. You could have anywhere from four to 10 years to file your lawsuit. To better understand your filing deadline, consider the following:

  • Immediately after contractors finished construction, you noticed a design flaw. In this case, you could have four years to file a lawsuit for damages.
  • Years went by after a project was initially completed. Then, an inspector noticed a flaw that made a structure unsafe. The state would consider the flaw to be a “latent issue.” Here, you could have up to 10 years to file a lawsuit against another party.

Pursuing legal action within the prescribed deadline is crucial to your case’s success. When you entrust your case to our construction accident team serving Daytona, we’ll manage all of these deadlines on your behalf.

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Your case is a priority to you. So, it’s a priority to us. When previous clients leave online reviews about our firm, they say:

  • Paul Hagge: Not only are the attorneys and staff at Bogin, Munns and Munns responsive and knowledgeable, but what sets them apart from other firms in Orlando is their high level of integrity and honesty.
  • Martha Alonso: The lawyers and the case manager were very helpful, so professional, and incredibly nice! Always kept me up to date and would answer all my questions. If I ever need them again, I would contact them! Highly recommend!

On our website, you can read about our commercial practice areas, awards, recognitions, and our commitment to our community in Central Florida.

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