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Construction projects require many different parties to work together, including contractors, architects, subcontractors, and homeowners’ associations. When one of these parties doesn’t cooperate, projects can face months of setbacks, costing time and money.

Our Titusville construction law attorneys help people like you get projects done. We intend to hold the involved parties accountable for their end of the bargain, whether that means starting construction or completing a job efficiently. You can begin a consultation with Bogin, Munns & Munns today.

Why Partner With a Construction Law Attorney in Titusville?

Construction-related disputes can have a ripple effect, complicating things for many people. For instance, suppose a construction company isn’t following a deadline for building a residential housing development. Investors lose money, future residents have nowhere to go, and city officials may grow concerned about the development’s progression.

If you entrust our team with your construction litigation case, you can trust that we’ll:

  • Dispute any contractual errors or disagreements
  • Draft and file all required legal documents
  • Respond to your questions and concerns via telephone or email
  • Remain in contact regarding your case’s progression
  • Represent you in all negotiations, hearings, and other meetings
  • Adhere to all deadlines regarding your case’s progression

Our team has the skills, insight, and knowledge to guide your case to a fair resolution. When you consult with our team, you can learn about your options for moving forward.

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We Help With These Construction-Related Disputes in Titusville

You may want legal aid if:

A Project Has Design Errors or Omissions

Every project in Titusville, whether you’re building a house or department store, must follow local, state, and federal codes. If it doesn’t, you could face fines and other legal complications. If another party did not follow an applicable regulation, we can employ various measures to bring a building up to code. We may request that general contractors implement certain changes or apply for a new permit.

You Want Help Rezoning or Getting a Permit

As you likely know, you can’t just buy a piece of land and start building. You must get clearance from various officials. This may require getting a permit to build a high-rise building. You may also want to build a residential community in a largely industrial region.

Our team can help secure the permits and other documents needed to move forward with a venture. We can also represent you at any hearings or meetings necessary to secure a zoning approval.

A General Contractor Did Not Complete a Project Adequately

Florida law outlines safety laws, height limits, and other regulations for new construction projects. A violation of these laws could result in fines––or even the project’s demolition. Our construction law lawyers serving Titusville can review the regulations that apply to your project and see if it’s up to code. If not, we can employ legal measures to compel the other party to fix the error.

Another Party Did Not Complete a Project On Time

Sometimes, there are factors outside of your control that delay projects. A natural disaster, for instance, can set back a project for weeks or months. However, delays, such as failing to adhere to a solid schedule, can also set a project back.

If another party intentionally (or even unintentionally) dragged out a venture’s progression, you have legal rights. Our team can determine the reason for the project’s delay and fight to get it back on track.

You Have Issues Regarding a Contractual Agreement

Even if you signed a contract, certain things may make it invalid. You may also want help drafting a contract for others to sign. Our lawyers in Titusville can help with both.

You Have Payment Disputes

If you worked on a project and upheld your end of the contractual agreement, you deserve to get adequately paid. In this instance, we can compel the other party to pay you fairly or explore filing a lawsuit.

On the other hand, you may be a property owner holding payment back after receiving unsatisfactory work. No matter the issue regarding payment, Bogin, Munns & Munns has experience with these matters. We can manage each aspect of your case while you focus on other concerns.

We help construction law claimants in the residential, commercial, retail, agricultural, and industrial sectors. We encourage you to connect with our firm, even if you don’t see your specific legal issue listed above.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Law Cases in Titusville

Even if you’ve worked in the construction sector for years, you may have many questions about various legal matters. Our attorneys have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions below, so you can make well-informed decisions.

Are There Any Filing Deadlines That Apply to My Case?

Every lawsuit in Florida, whether it involves personal injury or construction, has a filing deadline. Different deadlines apply to different situations, however. Consider this scenario to learn more:

  • You were managing the construction of a three-story apartment building.
  • Immediately, you noticed that the building was not ADA-compliant, as required by law.
  • If the other party fails to make the changes, you could have four years to sue them.

Now, consider a similar scenario:

  • A construction company built your apartment building.
  • Tenants moved in, remaining there for years.
  • State officials visited the building and saw it was not ADA complaint.
  • Here, based on Florida’s discovery rule, you could have 10 years to sue.

Our lawyers manage every deadline involved with your construction law case. That way, you don’t make a mistake that could jeopardize your legal rights.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Construction Litigation Case?

How long it takes to resolve your case depends on the other party’s cooperation. Bogin, Munns & Munns hopes to resolve your case as soon as possible, so you can continue with your endeavors.

Why Should I Work With Bogin, Munns & Munns?

Our law firm has served Central Florida since 1979. We pride ourselves on serving our clients with honesty, dignity, and respect. We offer:

  • Prompt communication
  • Personalized legal strategies
  • Insight into various aspects of construction litigation
  • Resources that come with more than 40 years of legal experience

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