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Construction law matters can escalate quickly and cost you. Whether you are dealing with contract disputes or other legal issues, you want to address them swiftly so you can get your personal project back on track. 

Our Melbourne construction law attorneys from Bogin, Munns & Munns can handle the legal process for you from start to finish. Our lawyers can navigate your construction law case so you do not have to deal with other parties or their representatives. 

Our Melbourne Construction Law Attorneys Can Help With Various Legal Matters

We don’t have to tell you how complicated a construction project can be, and a legal issue can only make things worse. Suppose you contracted a company to build a pool or fix a structure in your home. You could be left footing the bill for an incomplete project when contractors leave you hanging. 

Our construction law attorneys in Melbourne can handle your case from start to finish. This way, you can focus on more important matters related to your business. Some construction law issues we can help with include:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Permits and zoning Issues
  • Material and supply matters
  • Time management issues

Whether you need assistance with a contractor who breached a contract or another legal matter, our legal team has your back. 

Contractual Disputes

Contractual agreements in the construction industry lay the groundwork for a variety of transactions. You may be dealing with various parties, such as contractors, workers, and suppliers, who agree to provide goods or services for compensation. We can help you comb through a contract if another party is disputing their pay, work hours, or another term defined in the contract. 

We can also help you draft contracts to ensure your best interests and clarify all parties’ responsibilities. Contractual disputes can get messy, especially when they are bogged down with clauses and legal jargon. Our Melbourne construction law attorneys can handle all the wording for you, so you know what to expect during a project. 

Permits and Zoning Issues

Melbourne’s Building Section oversees the permitting, reviewing, and inspection of construction projects in the city. Whatever you are working on, you will likely have to apply for permits and adhere to various building codes. 

Our lawyers can help you navigate the regulatory processes involved in your construction project. Whether you are just beginning to apply for a permit or adjusting your plans to meet requirements, such as ADA requirements, we can help. 

Material and Supply Matters

You will likely be dealing with several vendors and suppliers to get the materials you need for your construction project. If they do not hold up their end of an agreement, it can cost your project valuable time. For example, if they do not ship materials in time, you may have to push back certain tasks and reschedule your workers’ shifts.

In the worst cases, an issue with a vendor or supplier may force you to revise work that has already been completed, which is very costly. For example, if you discover you were given defective materials, you may have to start a project from scratch. 

Time Management Issues

Legal issues can delay construction projects. To keep your project on track, we can help with the following potential problems:

  • Issues with contractors
  • Zoning regulations
  • Permit enforcement

We can help negotiate with another party or take legal action on your behalf. If we do choose litigation, we can help streamline the process and ensure that you comply with any relevant deadlines. 

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Our Melbourne Construction Law Team Handles a Variety of Cases

Our Melbourne construction law attorneys have handled various construction cases including residential property renovations, roof repairs, new pools, and additions to houses. 

Any of these projects can prove more stressful and complicated than you originally planned. As you navigate through the ups and downs, we can stand by your side to handle the legal process and protect your best interests. We can provide you with comprehensive legal care so you can complete your project. 

We understand that you had a vision for your project, and even though you planned for contingencies, you expect a paid contractor to live up to their agreement. We’re here to help you hold them accountable when they drop the ball. 

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Our Construction Law Attorneys Can Handle Every Detail of Your Case

You have a life outside of your construction project, and when we get to work on your case, you won’t have to worry about the legal legwork. 

We can help by:

  • Making sure we meet all relevant legal deadlines
  • Handing all the necessary documents and paperwork associated with litigation
  • Representing you in negotiations, hearings, and court appearances

You can focus on your career and family while we take care of the legal process surrounding your construction project.  

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Our Melbourne Construction Law Attorneys Provide Client-Focused Legal Services

When you work with our team, we will never treat your case with a one-size-fits-all approach. We give each client the personalized attention they deserve and tailor a legal strategy to suit their unique circumstances. 

During a consultation, we can discuss your case and explain how our Melbourne construction law attorneys can help you. We will also make ourselves available to answer any legal questions you may have. Additionally, we will keep you informed on any progress in your case. 

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Let Our Melbourne Construction Law Attorneys Handle Your Case

Completing a construction project is hard enough without legal issues. Contract disputes and litigation can be even more complex. You shouldn’t have to risk your project goals and personal finances due to legal issues. 

You don’t have to let a legal matter consume your entire focus. You can hire our Melbourne construction law team to handle your case. Call us today.

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