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Construction projects involve many different parties, such as construction companies, workers, materials suppliers, utility companies, homeowners’ associations, and property buyers. While there are laws and social norms that dictate how these parties deal with each other, disputes and disagreements are common. Depending on the type of dispute, formal litigation in the form of a lawsuit may be necessary.

If you are facing issues with your construction project or are involved in a lawsuit, we may be able to help. A Saint Cloud construction law lawyer with Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you interpret the laws, agreements, and contracts that govern your construction project, work to resolve disputes with vendors, suppliers, and other parties, and represent you in a lawsuit based on the circumstances surrounding your case. Contact us today.

Understanding Construction Law

Construction laws are designed to protect the rights of construction companies, their clients, and the workers who play a role in the various steps of the construction process. These laws also guide those facing issues or disputes with other parties working on a project. Common disputes include:

  • Design errors or omissions.
  • Delays and defects in construction.
  • Payment delays and disputes.
  • Issues involving property lines and zoning laws.
  • Service area coverage issues.

Construction law lawyers help a variety of clients, from large companies and private workers to property owners, suppliers, and services vendors with these and similar issues. Anyone involved with construction who faces legal issues or needs assistance with drawing up, interpreting, or enforcing agreements can retain the services of a construction law lawyer for assistance.

Construction Law Lawyer Services

It can be difficult to plan for a construction issue. When working on large projects, you will need to assume other parties involved will fulfill their legal and contractual obligations while building or developing a property. This allows you to estimate when you will be able to complete the project for your client.

Disputes or issues in any step of the construction process can throw off this timeline and jeopardize the project. Without legal assistance or the pressure of the law, you may have a hard time resolving these issues to minimize financial losses and damage to your reputation.

Here are a few examples of how an attorney may be able to help resolve the dispute. For issues beyond those outlined below, please contact the Saint Cloud construction law lawyer with Bogin, Munns & Munns.

Facing a Construction Lawsuit

Depending on your role in the construction process, another party involved may file a lawsuit against you for several reasons. Typical issues that can lead to a construction lawsuit include:

  • Delaying payments to workers.
  • Failure to meet a predetermined schedule.
  • Failure to reach subjective design or quality standards.

If you are facing a lawsuit related to a construction project, it is important to understand why the other party is suing you, what rules and regulations apply to your case, and what you must do to handle the lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyer can help you navigate each of these steps and seek a resolution.

Suing Another Party in a Construction Project

If another party on a construction project has wronged you in any wayby, for example, not providing certain services on time or withholding payyou can potentially file a lawsuit for damages. Many rules govern the process of filing construction lawsuits. Most importantly, you must complete all the relevant paperwork and meet the evidentiary requirements within the statutes of limitations.

If you choose to hire an attorney, he or she can help you meet these requirements to successfully file your lawsuit. The threat of a lawsuit can help push matters along and potentially help you receive the resolution you require without further delays.

Injuries or Construction Defects

Injury claims can be expensive, as can the issues that arise from defective or substandard construction. Examples include:

  • Water seepage.
  • Structural defects that render a newly completed property uninhabitable
  • Cosmetic and design issues that a client or buyer is dissatisfied with.

Interpreting injury law, the agreements between you and designers and construction companies, and enforcing compliance are where an attorney may help.

Construction Contract Concerns

If you want to exercise a clause or need help interpreting conditions in your contracts with other parties, a construction law lawyer can help. You should have the option to exercise the rights built into your agreements. Unfair termination of a contract or failure to meet contractual provisions can lead to a costly and problematic lawsuit.

You may also want to seek the assistance of a construction law lawyer before composing or signing a contract. This can help you avoid exposing yourself to any risks or agreeing to deliverables that you cannot meet.

There are also legal requirements you must meet in your contracts, such as mandatory notices in all contracts of certain types. For example, Florida Statutes §713.015 outlines such notices for contracts of over $2,500 involving single or multi-family homes.

Meeting these requirements is mandatory, and you may inadvertently omit these or similar notices if you are unfamiliar with construction law. A construction lawyer can help you stay on top of requirements like these to limit future legal issues.

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