Do I Need a Litigation Attorney?

Do I Need a Litigation Attorney
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You might need a litigation attorney if you have an insurance or legal dispute and must file a lawsuit to resolve it. The services of a litigation attorney can provide you with an experienced advocate and ally who will protect your rights and fight for your best interests in civil court.

A litigation and trial lawyer with our firm can prepare your case, help you navigate Florida’s legal system, and represent you at trial if needed.

What Kind of Cases Does a Litigation Attorney Handle? 

Litigation is an umbrella term for any legal dispute or issue that must be resolved in civil court. Florida law does not require you to have a lawyer. Instead, you can appear in court pro se, meaning you represent yourself. However, if you do not have legal experience, you may quickly find yourself over your head and discover you need a litigation attorney. 

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits allow victims hurt by another party’s negligence or wrongdoing to recover damages for their financial losses and pain and suffering. We can pursue personal injury cases involving many types of accidents:

Business Litigation

Some attorneys focus on business litigation. We serve small business owners, larger companies, and corporations with issues ranging from contracts and partnership agreements to labor and employment disputes.

Insurance Disputes

Cases that end up before a civil court often start as insurance claims. However, claims can progress to lawsuits when insurance companies engage in bad-faith tactics or refuse to offer a reasonable settlement. Our firm’s insurance lawyers can litigate disputes involving wrongfully denied claims, delayed payments, and lowball settlement offers. 

Other Civil Court Matters

Other legal issues that you may need a civil litigation lawyer to handle include the following:

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What Is the Goal of Litigation? 

The goal of civil litigation depends on the type of case you have. For example, personal injury lawsuits aim to recover monetary compensation for a victim’s economic and noneconomic damages (e.g., pain and suffering). 

Meanwhile, bankruptcy litigation lawyers help their clients determine what bankruptcy chapter applies to their situation and structure their bankruptcy to protect as many of their assets as possible. Conversely, an immigration lawyer would help their client obtain the documents they need to live or work in the United States. 

In every case, our team aims to achieve the most successful possible outcome, whatever that looks like for the specific issue.

What Does a Litigation Lawyer Do? 

Again, a litigation lawyer’s job varies based on the issue they’re handling. In general, a litigation attorney will:

  • Prepare and file case paperwork.
  • Track and adhere to deadlines.
  • Investigate your legal issue and collect evidence supporting your case.
  • Locate and interview eyewitnesses and subject matter experts.
  • Read and review contracts and insurance policies.
  • Prove liability, fault, or breach of contract.
  • Communicate with involved parties on your behalf.
  • Attempt to negotiate a pre-trial settlement.
  • Represent you at a trial if necessary.
  • Answer your questions and provide frequent and timely case updates.

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What Makes a Good Litigation Attorney?

If you need a litigation attorney, you may wonder how to choose the right lawyer. Consider the following when selecting representation:

  • What types of cases does the lawyer handle? You want an attorney with experience with your particular legal issue. For example, suppose you seek personal injury damages after a car wreck. Then, you’d want a car accident lawyer. However, if your employer wrongfully terminated you, you want a litigator familiar with employment law. We have over 40 attorneys on staff, so whatever your legal problem, we have someone who can assist with your case. 
  • What is their track record? Ask any attorney you consider about their past results. You want to hire someone who has previously taken cases like yours to trial and won. 
  • Do you feel good about them? You need a lawyer who treats you with dignity and respect, someone you can communicate openly and honestly with. You also want someone who projects confidence in their ability to handle your case. So, if you do not get a good feeling about any potential hire, you probably should not work with them.
  • Can you afford their services? Some litigation attorneys charge by the hour, some ask for a retainer upfront, and some assess flat fees. However, we offer free initial consultations and work on contingency for many cases, including personal injury, bankruptcy, and workers’ compensation claims. 

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You Have Limited Time to Litigate a Civil Case in Florida

Florida’s statute of limitations outlines how long you have to pursue civil cases. For example, Florida Statutes § 95.11 allows two years to file a personal injury lawsuit but establishes a five-year deadline to sue for breach of contract and a four-year window to pursue a real estate construction case. 

If the deadline on your legal matter expires, the court will likely throw out your case— even if you have a solid argument in your favor. We can determine which deadline applies to your issue and help you get started before it is too late. 

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