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Fatal golf cart accidents are not the “freak occurrence” most people believe.  In fact, Technology Associates found that on average, one person dies from injuries sustained by falling out of a golf cart every week.  The majority of those fatalities take place while making left turns.  Passengers do not have anything built into the cart to hold onto that would keep them within the golf cart as the force of the turn pulls them to the side.  Since 2008, there have been at least 18 fatal accidents involving golf carts in The Villages.

Unlike automobiles, golf carts are not built to comparable safety standards.  The most obvious difference is a complete lack of doors and seat belts.  Seat belts can be purchased and installed separately, however.  Unfortunately some experts believe that use of seat belts in golf carts would cause more harm than good.

Frontal crash tests performed by the IIHS found that even when using lap-shoulder belts, there was still risk of serious injury to the head and chest area.  Others note the possibility of riders becoming trapped and potentially being crushed in cases of a rollover crash.  Research suggests the likelihood of requiring a hospital stay from injuries received during a golf cart accident is doubled in cases of rollover accidents.  With rollover accidents accounting for a sizable 1-in-10 of all golf cart crashes, a consensus has yet to be reached on the benefit of seat belts.

Additionally, golf carts lack airbags, steering columns built to absorb impact, and crumple zones.  Because of the lack of these features, there is nothing to keep the driver from sustaining injuries caused by impact with the golf cart’s steering column.  Lack of a built-in roll cage creates further susceptibility to injury in the case of rollover accidents.  Some retirement communities, such as The Villages, conduct annual inspections on residents’ golf carts, but such inspections can only be expected to do so much.

If you are ever in a golf cart accident in Central Florida, be aware that homeowner’s insurance may provide coverage for your injuries and damages.  You may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain, suffering and inconvenience damages
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional trauma
  • Household expenses
  • Property damage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need insurance on a golf cart in Florida?

In Florida, golf carts are not titled or registered and the law does not require that golf cart owners carry golf cart insurance, either for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Property Damage Liability (Property). Importantly, golf cart has a specific definition under Florida law — a golf cart is a motor vehicle that is “designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour.” The maximum speed that golf carts are capable of reaching is one thing that sets them apart from other vehicles, particularly low speed vehicles or LSVs, for which insurance requirements may differ. Also, even if the law does not require golf cart owners to carry insurance, the law does not prevent or prohibit a golf cart owner from purchasing such insurance. Golf cart insurance can include basic coverages for property damage, bodily injury, or even damage to or theft of the golf cart itself.

Can you legally drive a golf cart on the street?

Although Florida law contains a general prohibition on the operation of golf carts on Florida’s public roads and streets, there are specific and limited exceptions to this general rule. For example, a golf cart can be driven on a county or municipal road or street that has been designated for golf cart use by the county or municipality that has the authority for making this designation. If the county or municipality allows golf carts on any roads or streets, signs must be posted to indicate that golf cart operation is allowed. Florida state law also provides specific and limited circumstances under which golf carts can be operated on state park roads, within or for access to mobile home parks by residents or guests, and on parts of the State Highway System. There is a specific provision of Florida law that allows for the operation of golf carts within a self-contained retirement community.

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart?

Generally, under Florida law, a person lawfully driving a golf cart is exempt from obtaining a driver’s license. A license is required if the golf cart is being used by or for a municipality, however. Although a license is therefore not required in most cases, the law restricts the legal age of golf cart drivers to 14 and over. Also, under Florida law, golf cart has a specific definition: A golf cart is a motor vehicle that is “designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour.” It is important to distinguish between golf carts and low speed vehicles, for which a license is required. Low-speed vehicles are four-wheeled vehicles whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour.

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