The Villages Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

The Villages Fatal Car Accident Lawyer
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When another driver makes an error behind the wheel because of negligence, that driver puts everyone else on the roadways in danger of serious injuries or even death. If your loved one suffered a fatality in a car crash because of the mistakes of another driver, consider reaching out to our fatal car accident lawyers in The Villages. 

Our team has several decades of collective experience helping victims of auto accidents and their families in central Florida. Our The Villages car accident lawyer knows the importance of working toward your best possible settlement, and we do not back down from tough circumstances. Reach out to the team at Bogin, Munns & Munns as soon as possible for a free case review.

What Sets Our Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in The Villages Apart 

When you hire our The Villages wrongful death lawyer to represent you after your loved one’s fatality, you can be certain we will fight tirelessly for your best possible financial award. Through our many decades of collective experience, our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns knows that insurance companies rarely want to treat victims fairly. 

Because each of our attorneys has experience in different areas of the law as The Villages personal injury lawyers, we deal with a wide variety of situations. This gives us an edge when representing you in a wrongful death claim. We almost certainly will be able to rely on past techniques that resulted in successful outcomes.

However, we also understand through our experience that no two cases are alike. We do set up a strategy for you that takes your hopes for the case’s outcome into account, whether that be financial compensation or accountability for the at-fault party. We spend the time necessary to speak with you and your family to learn what parts of the case are most important to you. We do not simply deploy cookie-cutter solutions in your case. 

We Work Hard To Earn Your Trust

We believe strongly in having consistently open lines of communication with our clients. We will do everything we can to answer your questions and to keep you informed. We want to work together with you to determine the best steps to take in the case.

Many of our clients tell us they have concerns about having to relive their loved one’s fatal accident as the lawsuit progresses. We fully understand these feelings. We work hard to keep the case moving along toward the outcome, trying to prevent it from dragging on with delays. However, we will not sacrifice the amount you could win just to speed things up.

We know that the best way to give our clients the highest level of support and representation is to listen. Our fatal car accident lawyers in The Village want to know what you hope to see happen in the case. We then do everything in our ability to try to fulfill that desired outcome. For a free case review and to learn how we can help, contact Bogin, Munns & Munns today.

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Do I Have To Hire The Villages Fatal Car Crash Attorneys?

Nothing in Florida’s legal statutes requires the surviving family members of a loved one who suffered a fatality in a motor vehicle accident to hire legal representation. You could try to negotiate with the insurance company for the negligent party on your own.

However, when you hire our attorneys for your fatal accident case, we give you quite a few benefits. For starters, we handle the legal process, taking over negotiations, so you can grieve. What we often find is that insurance companies do not take your case as seriously when you do not have an attorney on your side. 

The insurer may attempt to convince you that a settlement offer is fair. Because our team deals with cases like this daily, however, we can use actual statistics from past cases that determine the fairness of an offer. If the insurer continues to treat you unfairly and tries to blame your loved one for causing the fatal accident, we will stand up for you and your loved one. We will always fight for the maximum compensation.

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We Make Sure That Your Case Moves Forward

Insurance companies are notorious for dragging their feet in settling cases like this. They hope that you become frustrated during this difficult time, waiting for a fair offer to appear, making you more likely to settle for less money than you actually deserve.

When representing you, we do everything we can to force the insurance company to stop delaying the case. We stick to the facts in the case, showing why we are requesting a certain amount in the settlement. When the insurance company tries to steer the case in an unhelpful direction, we seek to bring it back to focus on the important facts.

You Have a Limited Amount of Time To Act After the Fatal Accident

You should take the time you need to grieve the loss of your loved one after the automobile accident. However, understand that Florida Statute § 95.11 only gives the surviving family members up to two years from the accident’s date to file the wrongful death lawsuit.

Our team is ready to help you as soon as you hire us. The statute of limitations does not mean we have to settle the case within the two-year window. It just means we have to file the lawsuit before the deadline, which notifies the at-fault driver that we are protecting your rights to fair compensation through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, the sooner you choose to hire us, the sooner we can start investigating the case by reviewing the crash scene, reading the crash report, and speaking to witnesses. This helps us collect accurate facts that are key to holding the responsible party accountable and winning the maximum compensation for you.

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Trust Our Team To Give Your Case Our Full Attention 

When it comes to seeking a financial award after the death of a loved one, you do not want to trust your hopes for a settlement to just any law firm. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we have extensive experience and a track record of success in helping family members receive the financial awards they deserve after the loss of a loved one to fatal injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

Contact our The Villages fatal car accident lawyer today for a free consultation. You are under no obligation to hire our experienced car accident attorneys as your legal counsel after this case review.

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