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Clients can meet with our attorneys at our Orange City, Florida satellite office. Bogin, Munns & Munns has a qualified lawyer for practically any legal matter. We practice in virtually all areas of the law, including real estate, personal injury, litigation, bankruptcy, wrongful death, and auto accidents. Many other law firms can initially assist a client but not all firms can handle all legal matters for their clients. We are happy to dive into any of your legal issues and offer top notch, professional representation.

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Please contact us if you require assistance with commercial or residential real estate, civil or business litigation, were involved in a car accident, or have any other legal issue.

We are conveniently located along Enterprise Road. We are close to exits for I-4 and U.S. 17. For specific directions from your location, please click on the “Driving Directions” link on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asylum?

If a foreign individual is already in the United States and unwilling or unable to return to their home country for fear of their own personal safety and of facing persecution, the U.S may grant the individual asylum status. The individual must prove that the persecution they face in their home country is based on their race, political opinion, nationality, religion, or membership in a certain social group. Asylum status grants the individual the right to live and work in the United States indefinitely. After 1 year of living as an asylee, the individual can apply for permanent resident status.

I own my own business and have to miss a lot of work due to injuries I suffered in an automobile accident where the other party was at fault. Can I recover damages for the impact the accident had on my business as a whole?

Proving loss of income for people who are self-employed is not easy.  One of the best ways to show a loss of income is by keeping detailed records of earnings, expenses, tax returns, and receipts for comparison of earnings after the accident.  Make sure to keep detailed records of your injuries and treatments to show that they were serious enough to force you to take time off work and have a negative effect on the business.

Is an owner of a dog liable if it bites someone?

Florida dog-bite laws are strict, and dictate that pet owners have the responsibility to control their pet whether on their own property or on public property.   It is a misconception that if a dog bites a guest on the owner’s property, the owner cannot be held liable.  However, if a person is bitten by a dog while unlawfully trespassing on private property, then the dog’s owner cannot be held accountable.  The owner of a dog who has already been declared dangerous can be found guilty of a misdemeanor in the first degree if the dog bites another person or animal.

If the victim of the attack contributed to the situation through some form of negligence (including taunting the dog), there would be a reduction in the liability to the pet owner, thus reducing the compensation the victim can receive.  The amount would be reduced by calculating the percentage of the victim’s negligence and subtracting it from the original amount of compensation.  Many things, including past aggressive behavior on the part of the dog (or even its owner), may be considered when determining the outcome of a dog-bite case.

What our clients are saying

I've never left a Google Review - for anyone. But my experience with Fuller Haring and the Bogin, Munns & Munns, Orange City Office was so terrific, I wanted to leave a review for them. Being involved in a car accident is a scary experience. But so is picking a lawyer. (lol.) I wanted to choose someone who I could trust to be professional and be my advocate. Fuller Haring and his team exceeded my expectations. Fuller was very prepared for each meeting we had. He explained all of the details of my case. He communicated what to expect as we moved forward. And as my case progressed, Fuller and his team communicated with me every step of the way so I could stay informed and prepared. Even though picking a layer is scary, I'm really thankful I made the right choice by choosing to work with Fuller and his team. During my case, they were my advocate - exactly what I needed. Hopefully, I'll never be in a car accident again. But if I am, I will absolutely choose to work with Fuller again.

J. Moghimi**Review was posted on Google**

Bogin, Munns & Munns is everything they say to be. They worked hard and were genuinely invested in my case. My own personal experience with the firm has been great! All my questions and concerns were answered in a quick and professional manner. I feel like they worked hard for me and the results showed in the outcome of my case. The friends that I have referred to them have all had similar experiences. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone I know!

K. Haught**Review was posted on Google**

Fuller Haring, Esq. and his team in Orange City are very responsive. As a Realtor, I called on behalf of a client and they responded right away and assisted a young Navy Veteran toward a positive outcome. Brittany Birch the paralegal was pleasant and professional and coordinated everything. I highly recommend Fuller Haring of Bogin, Munns, and Munns Orange City for your legal needs.

K. Parker**Review was posted on Google**

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