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Virtually all areas of the law are practiced at the Ocala office. At this location you can schedule an appointment with a qualified lawyer for practically any legal matter. Some examples are a car accident, a truck accident, or loss of a loved one unexpectedly in a wrongful death claim.

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Contact us today if you require legal assistance with a personal injury matter, business law, consumer litigation, family law or medical malpractice.

We are conveniently located northeast of historic downtown Ocala adjacent to the intersection of Bonnie Heath Blvd (State Road 492) and NE 20th Avenue. We are close to the N US Highway 27 exit of I-75.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I was in a serious automobile accident, had to miss months of work, and will have lifelong injuries. My medical bills are very expensive and I need more procedures. The person responsible only had $100,000 of liability insurance. Can I make him pay the rest out-of-pocket?

The party responsible is liable for all the damage or cause they harm, not just the amount covered by their insurance.  Insurance is used as a buffer to keep the out of pocket costs at a minimum.  However, if the expenses exceed the amount covered by the insurance, the liable party is responsible for paying the difference.  The problem then arises of making the liable party actually pay.  They need to have assets and/or income.  If the burden of paying becomes too great, the liable party may file bankruptcy, discharging the remaining obligation (with limited exceptions).

Why should I care about recording the deed to my new property?

The deed to real property is the written legal document that transfers the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.  In exchange for the purchase price, the deed gives the buyer formal title.  However, the interest in the real property is not completely transferred until the deed is delivered to the buyer and accepted by the buyer.  Once the deed is accepted, it should be recorded as soon as possible.  The deed needs to be recorded with the county clerk in the same county as the property is located as soon as possible.

Recording the deed gives notice to all potential buyers in the future that the buyer has an ownership interest in that piece of real property, and tracks ownership by giving the names of all the buyers and sellers in chronological order.  A search must be performed at the county clerk’s office in order to make sure that a seller has legal ownership of the real property they are attempting to buy.  This search should be done prior to the sale of any real property.  Usually a title insurance agent will conduct the search to find if there has been anything defective in past transfers and conveyances.  Any defects that are found can be excluded from the title insurance coverage, which makes it important for the buyer to review the title insurance.

Where do you file a Wrongful Death claim?

All potential lawsuits in Florida are controlled by Statue and case law which determines where the Complaint must be filed. Generally, the lawsuit must be filed in the County where the accident occurred. It is vitally important that you contact an attorney with experience in Wrongful Death claims to determine where the claim must be filed.

What our clients are saying

I was in a serious accident and called Ms Ali Darias from the scene. She was so compassionate and was extremely concerned about my well being. I have been in business for over 40 years and I was very impressed with her professionalism. I highly recommend.

A. Maksou**Review was posted on Google**

I currently work for the firm and I must say they are awesome. Ms. Ali Darias is an aggressive and passionate attorney who will fight for your case. Not because I work there but if I ever had an accident she will be the one I call because I know what she is capable of doing.

D. Reynoso**Review was posted on Google**

This was the best lawyer I’ve had. Ms. Ali Darias came to the hospital and seen me when I was really in bad shape. She is always available to answer any questions I had. Everything was taken care of quickly and painless. If you are needing a lawyer I highly recommend Bogin Munn & Munns.

J. Brown**Review was posted on Google**

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