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Legal Expertise That Real Estate Developers Require

Real estate development has been one of the staples of Florida’s economy for many years. It includes all aspects of the project from site selection, site acquisition, site permitting, and site preparation to construction, completion, and then operation.

The Orlando real estate attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns are seasoned at every aspect of real estate development law. We are skilled at negotiating development agreements to have the necessary entitlements, permits, and land use designations for our clients. In addition, we work closely with local government officials to ensure the land for real estate and development projects has the required permits and appropriate zoning.

We represent developers, landowners, and builders in commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use real estate development projects. Clients benefit from our ability to resolve land use issues as diverse as the land itself including land use, land development, zoning, annexation, private covenants, and more. We are prepared to negotiate even the most complex land issues and utilize our extensive knowledge of land use planning and zoning law as a foundation for effective resolutions.

Whether you require legal assistance in resolving small landowner issues such as zoning variances for single lots or you’re a large real estate developer running a mixed-use development project, our land use attorneys can provide you with reliable legal counsel.

Do you have a real estate matter concerning residential or commercial leases, purchases, and sales, financing, land use, evictions, or lawsuits? If so, please fill out our online Real Estate Questionnaire to receive a free telephone discussion with one of our experienced real estate attorneys. During this free telephone discussion, the attorney will go over your current situation and your legal options.

We have 13 locations throughout Florida, We are pleased to serve your legal needs in real estate development matters in the location that is most convenient to you.  Our offices are located in Orlando, Clermont, Cocoa, Daytona, Gainesville, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Melbourne, Ocala, Orange City, St. Cloud, Titusville, and The Villages  Our Trial Attorneys work aggressively and diligently to ensure your family legal matter is handled with the care you would expect from a law firm that has been around for over 40 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Real Estate developer, why should I consider hiring an Attorney?

The benefits of hiring a land use attorney are as follows.

First, the attorney, if experienced and reputable, will be known by both the elected officials and the Staff of the local government and will be received well by them.  This familiar relationship will result in the client knowing in advance what opposition, if any, the client should expect in developing his/her property.

Second, the attorney will work with an architect, engineer or certified land planner on the client’s behalf to prepare the application and all materials needed for the Project by Staff.

Third, the attorney will meet with the elected officials in one-on-one ex parte meetings (if allowed by the local government) prior to the public hearing to inform the elected official about the benefits of the Project and why that elected official must vote in favor of the Project.

Fourth, the attorney will prepare and give the Project’s presentation at both the subordinate board (usually either the Planning & Zoning Board or the Board of Zoning Adjustment) and in front of the City Council or Board of County Commissioners for approval.

Finally, if the matter is not approved, the attorney can either file an appeal or file a de novo action in state court.

What is a special exception?

A special exception is the use of one’s property in a certain, prescribed manner due to conditions imposed by the local governmental entity but agreed to by the landowner.

How can I subdivide my property?

You must hire a land use attorney.  Some people want to subdivide their property from, e.g., 0.50-acre lots to 0.25-acre lots, in order to build a home on both lots, sell the one and rent out the other.  Yet, they cannot because the property is in a zoning classification which calls from homes on 0.50-acre lots and larger.  The land use attorney can work with Staff of the applicable governmental entity to determine the least costly and most expeditious solution to the problem.

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