Orlando Ranks Last Nationally for Affordable Housing

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Purchasing a Home in Orlando

As if purchasing a home in Florida – or anywhere, for that matter – is not stressful enough, the state’s affordable housing shortage adds to the pressure. Purchasing a home is one of the largest and most significant transactions a person experiences in his or her lifetime. The transaction involves real property law, which is a unique area of law that can raise special issues and problems that do not exist in other areas of the law. As a result, it is important to make sure you have a skilled Florida real estate attorney if you are buying a property in Orlando or anywhere else in the state.

When parties enter into the purchase and sale of a property, after an informal agreement has been reached the buyer and seller enter into a formal written contract. There are several other processes that follow including the buyer seeking a commitment for financing, conducting inspections of the property, and engaging in a title search to ensure clear and marketable title. While this may seem like a simple process, the resulting consequences if things do not go smoothly can be dire without a real estate lawyer involved.

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The Role of an Orlando Real Estate Lawyer

An experienced Florida real estate lawyer can help a potential buyer avoid common problems with the purchase of a home including the common issue of standard buy/sell forms not addressing important legal issues. An attorney can also review the title search for irregularities, explain what is and is not covered by title insurance, determine the accuracy of the property’s legal description, and explain the effects of easements or convents of the property and adjoining properties.

Aside from avoiding legal pitfalls, a real estate attorney can also negotiate the price of the home as part of his or her legal services. This is particularly critical in a housing market like that in Central Florida, where affordable units are scarce to come by. Understand that a real estate broker generally serves the seller while the lending institution serves the buyer. While both parties want the deal to finalize so they can collect their fees, neither can provide legal counsel that will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Purchasing a home is one of the largest and most significant transactions a person experiences in his or her lifetime.

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