What Is Commercial Litigation?

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Commercial litigation generally refers to legal disputes affecting one or more businesses. Rather than dealing with the formation, organization, or acquisition of a business—a field attorneys generally refer to as corporate law—commercial litigation involves some conflict requiring a resolution.

Do you find yourself in a business dispute or sense one may be on the horizon? Then, hiring a commercial litigation lawyer could assist. They can help you resolve the problem efficiently.

Examples of Commercial Litigation Cases

Running a business is complicated. Thus, a commercial litigation attorney must be well-versed in a wide range of disputes and possible resolutions. We represent clients who face conflicts over the following:

  • Alleged monopolistic business practices (antitrust cases)
  • Bad-faith business practices
  • Fraud allegations
  • Land-use issues
  • Ownership of real estate or real property
  • Ownership or usage of intellectual property 
  • Contract disputes
  • Alleged negligence, like a slip and fall accident
  • Possible labor law violations
  • Partnership and ownership of a business entity
  • Debt collection
  • Tax liability
  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Wages supposedly owed to current or former employees
  • Licensing and supplier agreements

No matter which side of a given dispute you and your business are on, you might have little time to dedicate to litigation. However, hiring a commercial litigation lawyer allows you to avoid a stressful process that few business owners want to manage.

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What Is the Ideal Outcome of a Commercial Litigation Case?

The ideal outcome of litigation depends on the case. Depending on the origins and nature of your litigation, you may want it resolved in one of these manners.

Obtain Compensation for Harm Done to Your Business

We represent individuals and organizations pursuing civil action for damages. For example, you may seek compensation through commercial litigation because:

  • Someone’s actions (such as a motorist who struck your building) caused a costly business interruption.
  • A former employee or competitor defamed your business, causing reputational harm.
  • A competitor infringed on your intellectual property, thereby obtaining customers (and financial gain) you may have otherwise realized.

Stop Another Party from Engaging in a Specific Action

You may want another party to cease actions that have caused harm to your business, which may include the following:

  • Representing themselves as a member of your organization
  • Making false statements about your organization
  • Illegally using your intellectual property
  • Harassing or threatening you or your employees

Your attorney from our team can follow up a cease-and-desist letter with legal action if the letter does not have the intended effect.

Secure the Legally Honored Right to Engage in a Certain Activity

You may need to engage in litigation to:

  • Perform a service, make certain claims, or use products to which others claim intellectual property.
  • Occupy a particular property or plot of land.
  • Address questions regarding your right to serve a specific market.
  • Use certain logos, fonts, or other marketing materials.

These may be high-stakes legal battles, as organizations often invest large sums into their marketing and business operations. Any challenge to your ability to do business as usual could prove costly, so you need a business litigation lawyer who gets results.

Achieve Some Other End

Commercial litigation could have many different ends, and you should always know what you hope to achieve through litigation. Speaking with a commercial litigation lawyer from our firm could provide clarity, help you assess realistic litigation outcomes, and work toward the desired result as efficiently as possible.

What Does a Commercial Litigation Attorney Do?

A commercial litigation lawyer will provide services specific to your case. Depending on the nature of your litigation, your attorney might:

  • Lead a civil action: If you require compensation for monetary damages, an attorney from our team could organize every detail of your lawsuit. Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining compensation for damages suffered by individuals and corporate clients. 
  • Defend you against false allegations: Do you need to take a defensive approach against false allegations (e.g., fraud), claims that you’ve violated someone’s intellectual property, or other challenges to your business operations? If so, we can help.
  • Negotiate a resolution: We will negotiate with the other party’s legal team or utilize other means (e.g., mediation or arbitration) to resolve your commercial litigation.
  • Defend you or pursue monetary compensation at trial: If your commercial litigation leads to the courtroom, our team will either defend you or take an offensive approach to seek the legal outcome you need.

A commercial litigation attorney is also an advisor. Our team relies on experience in a wide range of case types to help our clients:

  • Understand the best- and worst-case outcomes of their dispute.
  • Develop a legal strategy that aligns with their goals for litigation. 
  • Honestly explain the pros and cons of each prospective legal strategy.
  • Resolve the litigation process as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

We employ a dedicated, collaborative team of attorneys and paralegals who understand the nuances of commercial litigation. Our firm will manage every possible detail of your case so you can continue to focus on your business’s day-to-day operations. 

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