Melbourne Construction Litigation Lawyer

Melbourne Construction Litigation Lawyer
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Disagreements, misunderstandings, and disputes can wreak havoc at a real estate or construction site. Legal issues can arise when dealing with contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, property owners, and local officials. If your construction project is being stalled or otherwise negatively impacted over a legal matter, a Melbourne construction litigation lawyer from our team can help you get your project back on track.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we understand the intricate and complex nature of real estate and construction projects. We also understand the difficulty it causes when any party involved in your project fails to live up to their obligation. Our construction litigation team will review your issue and documents to help you enforce contracts, resolve disputes, and negotiate or renegotiate a contract. We will review your case and develop a strategy for an effective resolution.

Common Construction Disputes in Melbourne

Construction projects can involve many moving parts. Yours may include issues that range from defective materials or supplies to late or non-payments and more. No matter which areas your dispute stems from, our law firm can help you iron out any legal issues.

Some commonly seen construction issues we can help you resolve include:

Design Errors and Oversights

Whether it’s a new build, remodel, or rehab, a construction project starts on paper. If your building plans were misinterpreted or misunderstood, it can cause your project to be incomplete or late. Worse, it can make your project incorrect and dangerous. Our legal team can help you successfully complete your project, including helping you hold the at-fault party responsible for the added costs of design errors and oversights.

Timetable Disputes and Delays

Construction projects are multifaceted and multistep processes. A delay in one area can force delays in all subsequent areas. Delays also inevitably lead to disputes with other contractors and subcontractors. Our law firm will help you unravel the initial delay and support your right to recover damages for subsequent and costly additional delays.

Material and Construction Defects

Residential and commercial properties are only as good as the materials used in their construction. If your property is unsafe or unusable because of the materials used, we can help you prove their substandard condition, determine who is at fault, and seek financial compensation that may allow you to correct such errors.

Contract and Payment Issues

Issues like these can arise on both sides of the construction project. Builders and developers can neglect to offer the pre-determined price for project completion or fail to meet payment benchmarks along the way to completion. On the other side, contractors and suppliers can demand payments over and above the initial agreement.

Either way, our construction litigation team representing clients in Melbourne will examine the relevant contracts and documents to ensure each party in the dispute lives up to their responsibility and meets the contract’s demands and obligations.

We can also help you challenge property line issues, equipment leases and purchases, mechanic’s liens, on-the-job injuries, and other legal matters arising from your construction undertaking.

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Your Bogin, Munns & Munns Construction Litigation Lawyer Is on Your Side

Battling costly and aggravating construction disputes and delays on your own can be challenging and demanding. When our law firm represents you, we work hard to make the process as streamlined and easy to understand as possible.

To help you combat the expense of delay and refocus your project, we will:

  • Read and review all property, construction, and material contracts
  • Let you focus time and energy on continuing to grow your business
  • Handle all verbal, written, and virtual communication on your behalf
  • Provide ongoing updates and answers to your questions and concerns
  • Represent you in hearings, mediation, depositions, and court

Every aspect of your case is important to our team, so we will start by understanding your project, your company, and your preferred outcome. We’ll also make sure your potential litigation meets all applicable filing deadlines.

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How Legal Deadlines May Impact Your Case

Just as your construction project has required deadlines, so does your potential lawsuit. If the deadlines imposed by the state are not met, it can hinder your ability to file a lawsuit. It can also leave you with no legal avenue to recover compensation.

In Melbourne, Florida Statutes § 95.11 generally gives you:

  • Up to four years to file a real estate-related lawsuit
  • Up to five years to file a breach of contract lawsuit

We’ll also ensure you understand Florida Statutes § 713 and how it impacts any liens that have or will stem from your current situation. We work hard to make sure your case complies with all applicable laws while ensuring you understand the legal parameters of your case.

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If you are locked in a dispute regarding an upcoming or ongoing construction project in Melbourne, you do not have to fight for satisfaction alone. A construction litigation lawyer from our team can help you fight for a favorable resolution. We can also help you explore your legal rights and the defendant’s responsibilities.

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