The Risks of Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents During the School Season

The Risks of Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents During the School Season
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Sanctuary Policies

The start of the school year can be both exciting and stressful for many. Kids get to go back on a schedule, and parents must get a routine going. There are uniforms to be washed every week as well as homework and projects to be done. Parents need to wake children up early and get them to school on time. Those with or without school-aged children will notice a difference in traffic. Everyone will likely be rushed, causing more accidents during the school year. In fact, Spectrum News 13 reports that three people were hit by vehicles just in the first week of this school year in two separate and unrelated accidents close to schools in Palm Bay.

The Crashes

One incident involved a father and a 5-year-old who were struck near Odyssey Charter School. The father and child were walking together across the crosswalk when a vehicle turned into the school and struck the pedestrians. According to Palm Bay law enforcement, the father and child suffered minor injuries. In a second and separate accident, a student was hit near Discovery Elementary School. The student was crossing the street with his bike along Emerson Drive and Glencove Avenue. While he was walking across the crosswalk, a car turned left and hit him. In this crash the driver fled the scene, but law enforcement eventually found and arrested the driver. The condition of the student remains unknown.

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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

It is no surprise that pedestrian and bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries or even death. This is because hitting another vehicle when driving 10 miles an hour may cause just a small fender bender, but a pedestrian or bicyclist can be seriously injured when hit at even this low speed. Driving 30 miles per hour and striking a pedestrian or bicyclist can end in death.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) it is estimated that more than 600 bicyclists are killed annually in car accidents. As many as 52,000 are injured in bicycle-related car accidents. Unfortunately, as was the case in the Palm Bay incidents, children are often the victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents and sometimes they are left with the need for lifetime rehabilitation and medical care. There are several factors that contribute to pedestrian or bicycle accidents. These include driver distraction, road rage, fatigue, unsafe speed, and failure to yield.

Recovering Compensation for Injuries

There is more than one way that a victim of a pedestrian or bicycle accident can recover monetary compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence or recklessness of a driver. Generally, an injured pedestrian or bicyclist is able to file an insurance claim against the driver’s (or the vehicle owner’s) auto liability insurance policy. Florida’s no-fault law, commonly referred to as personal injury protection (PIP), however, doesn’t allow you to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. It merely covers 80% of your medical bills up to $10,000. Pedestrians and bicyclists may be covered under their own insurance policies or that of an employer or a parent if the victim is a minor; accident victims may also have coverage under other policies. These may include health, disability, workers’ compensation, and/or auto insurance policies.

Those with or without school-aged children will notice a difference in traffic. Everyone will likely be rushed, causing more accidents during the school year.

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