Motorcycle Accidents and Florida Good Samaritan Laws

Motorcycle Accidents and Florida Good Samaritan Laws
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A fire spread from a motorcycle to its rider after he crashed his bike into the back of a vehicle in South Daytona Beach. The victim owes his life to the quick-thinking bystanders who doused the flames, according to a news story published by the Orlando Sentinel. The New Smyrna Beach resident was riding his Suzuki GSX-R on Saturday morning when he ran into the back of a 2000 Chevy Cavalier that was being driven by a 72-year-old Daytona Beach woman. The driver of the Chevy did not sustain injuries in the crash. The 22-year-old motorcyclist, who was wearing a helmet when he crashed, according to law enforcement, was listed in critical condition after the crash. According to eyewitnesses, the motorcycle and its rider caught on fire shortly after the crash which the bystanders extinguished right away. It is uncertain whether the motorcyclist was driving recklessly.

Fraudulent Immigration Consulting

Despite no licensed attorneys or any other person qualified to provide consultations on immigration issues being available, the group ran advertising spots to the public on radio and television. They also conducted weekend seminars at a local hotel conference room after running the ads. The men allegedly pocketed thousands of dollars in upfront fees from unsuspecting attendees hoping for relief of their statuses. There was only one licensed attorney in the group, eligible to practice in Florida, but not Oregon, who only attended one of the seminars. The accused attorney has denied any wrongdoing.

Oregon’s State Bar notes that alleged fraud by so-called immigration consultants, or notarios, is increasing. Generally, unqualified and unlicensed people target vulnerable immigrants who fear that their ability to stay in America is at risk. This trend of fraudulent consulting services has particularly increased with the uncertainty of DACA under the current administration. Incorrect immigration advice can cause serious harm to the individual and may result in detention or even deportation. Moreover, many undocumented immigrants who are taken advantage of are reluctant to report the problems to the authorities for fear of arrest or deportation.

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Good Samaritan Law

Florida Good Samaritan law

involves the liability a person may or may not face when voluntarily coming to the aid of an injured stranger. At the core of these laws, they protect those helping hands from liability when a personal injury case moves forward should the victim who was helped suffer further injuries or death despite (or because of) the good Samaritan’s intervention. Under Florida law, a good Samaritan who helped an injured victim and accidentally caused more damage while trying to help cannot be sued by the victim for injuries that were accidentally caused during the course of assistance. There are a few exceptions in Florida to the Good Samaritan law, however. First, once a good Samaritan chooses to administer care to an injured victim, he or she has a duty to exercise reasonable care when doing so. In other words, the volunteer must act the same way a reasonable person would in the same situation. If the good Samaritan acts recklessly or intentionally causes further harm, then he or she can certainly be held partially liable for harm suffered. Moreover, some individuals are not covered by Good Samaritan laws. Specifically, off-duty nurses or healthcare providers as well as EMTs and law enforcement officers do not fall under this law. Finally, if the injured person relied upon the person to received care in the first place and was harmed as a result of the care, the Good Samaritan law does not apply. An example of this scenario would be if a primary care physician causes additional harm to an injured person while treating him or her, then the doctor could be held liable for the harm.

Florida Good Samaritan law involves the liability a person may or may not face when voluntarily coming to the aid of an injured stranger.

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