Motorcycle Safety and Traffic Awareness: Hints and Tips

Motorcycle Safety and Traffic Awareness: Hints and Tips
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As many of us know there is nothing like riding a motorcycle. Whether you find yourself on a Harley-Davidson, Victory, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, the feeling of power underneath you is thrilling. The sensation of carving through a corner then accelerating and feeling the power pull you backwards in your seat is unmatched. Not to mention, the feeling of our beautiful Florida weather. I too have come to love this. I have spent my young adult life on a motorcycle. Somehow I convinced my mother to buy me a motorcycle my junior year of high school. We couldn’t afford a car for me and my mother was tired of driving me around. After stumbling through learning to drive a clutch, I began to become obsessed.

I thus far have owned sixteen different motorcycles. From cruisers to sport bikes (“bullet bikes” like an R6, R1, CBR, Ducati, Ninja, and GSXR). I sold motorcycles for eight years and drove nearly every type of bike made within that time period. I also held a race license and was an instructor at track days. But with this great experience of riding comes the possibility of great danger. Motorcycles, let’s face it, are dangerous. People driving cars often don’t see you. Most aren’t thinking to look for motorcycles; they are looking for the large automobile that they are accustomed to seeing.

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So what can we do to protect ourselves? One of my mantras and what I always told those who I sold a motorcycle to, or instructed was: you are invisible. Expect that cars will not see you. People don’t see motorcycles on the road. This means that every move you make, every position you find yourself in on the road, you need to anticipate an out. This works in practice by only going through intersections next to a car. The idea is that at least a car would see the car next to you. Therefore, it wouldn’t turn in front of you.

Also, never drive in a car’s blind spot. As you drive down the road calculate where you could go if someone came into your lane or moved in front of you. Although this is not science, it has done me well and others I have trained. Just remember you are invisible. Always have an out.

One of my mantras and what I always told those who I sold a motorcycle to, or instructed was: you are invisible. Expect that cars will not see you.

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