Meet Stephanie Boomershine

Meet Stephanie Boomershine
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Meet Stephanie Boomershine, Our Featured Attorney of the Week at Bogin, Munns, & Munns


Meet Stephanie Boomershine

I have represented businesses and individuals in civil litigation and transactional matters for over a decade, focusing my practice on commercial and intellectual property disputes in state and federal courts throughout the United States. I have extensive experience with the enforcement and defense of trademark, trade dress, copyright, trade secret and patent matters, and have represented and defended against some of the world’s largest intellectual property owners.

I also handle a wide range of business disputes, including unfair competition, breach of contract, defamation, licensing, consumer protection, and franchise disputes. In addition to my litigation experience, I counsel clients on the acquisition, registration, development, maintenance and protection of their intellectual property. I am skilled in the out of court dispute resolution process of domain names under the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy.

I recognize that intellectual property is a valuable asset, and I take the time to understand my clients’ unique needs and to develop cost-effective strategies to protect these assets. I have represented parties on both sides of intellectual property disputes, and am experienced in both the protection of IP rights and the defense against alleged infringement.

Had I not chosen to practice law, I likely would have become a writer or editor. I spend my free time traveling, enjoying the outdoors with my husband and son, and distance running.

Stephanie M. Boomershine

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