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Meet Sarah E. Wade our featured Attorney of the Week.


With a wealth of legal experience and an unwavering dedication to justice, Sarah will be stationed at our Clermont office, spearheading all personal injury-related claims in the area. Having previously practiced in the defense arena, she brings a unique perspective to our team. Let’s delve into Sarah’s journey, her passion for the law, and her personal experiences that have shaped her remarkable career.

Legal Experience Prior to Working at BM&M:
Prior to her arrival at Bogin, Munns & Munns, Sarah Wade built a formidable reputation by diligently representing large corporations and insurance companies. During this phase, she gained invaluable insights into the inner workings of these entities, acquiring a deep understanding of how they evaluate and resolve complex legal cases. Armed with this knowledge, Sarah is equipped to navigate the intricate nuances of litigation, ensuring the best possible outcomes for her clients.

What Inspired Sarah to Become an Attorney?
From an early age, Sarah had an unwavering desire to become an attorney. Rooted in her natural inclination for spirited debates, she discovered great satisfaction in assisting individuals as they navigated through the often bewildering legal process. Her dedication to helping others, combined with her exceptional communication skills, makes her a formidable advocate for her clients. Sarah’s unwavering commitment to her vocation continues to drive her professional growth.

Favorite Aspects of Practicing Law:
One of the most rewarding aspects of Sarah’s legal career is the opportunity to meet and assist a diverse array of people. Whether it’s aiding an injured individual in obtaining a well-deserved settlement or guiding someone through a complex legal decision, Sarah finds fulfillment in making a positive impact on people’s lives. Every day brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities, ensuring that no two cases or office days are alike. This dynamic nature of her work keeps Sarah motivated and inspired.

Alternate Career Path:
If Sarah had not pursued a career in law, she reveals that she would have followed her passion for education and become a teacher. Her love for being around children and helping them acquire new skills makes teaching a natural choice. However, fate led her to the legal profession, where she has found her calling in advocating for justice and bringing about meaningful change in the lives of her clients.

Greatest Strength as an Attorney:
One of Sarah’s greatest strengths as an attorney lies in her ability to see both sides of a case. By objectively evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each argument, she ensures a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. This balanced perspective allows her to develop effective strategies and pursue the most favorable outcomes for her clients. Sarah’s discerning eye for detail and her empathetic approach make her a formidable force in the courtroom.

Personal Experiences and Passions:
Beyond her legal prowess, Sarah cherishes spending quality time with her husband and two children. They share a deep appreciation for the idyllic Florida beaches, often finding solace and relaxation near the water. These cherished moments rejuvenate Sarah and fuel her drive to create a better world through her legal practice. Her dedication to family and personal balance exemplifies her commitment to holistic well-being.


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With Sarah Wade again joining the ranks of Bogin, Munns & Munns, the firm gains an exceptional attorney driven by a genuine passion for justice. Sarah’s rich legal experience, coupled with her empathetic nature and dedication to her clients, makes her an invaluable addition to the personal injury trial team. As she embarks on this new chapter in her career, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will undoubtedly

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