Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping This Holiday Season

Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping This Holiday Season
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How to Stay Safe

There are many ways to try to keep yourself safe during the holiday shopping season – or anytime you are shopping. Below are several tips:

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Avoid Car Break-ins

  • Be aware of your surroundings while checking your shopping list
  • Make sure to park your car in a well-lit area
  • Keep your keys out so you are not searching for them while standing in front of your car
  • Put your phone away (though it should remain accessible if needed)
  • Do not keep your valuables in plain sight on your person or in your vehicle
  • Hide any packages in your trunk or under a blanket to avoid a car break-in

Avoid Getting Hurt

  • Be aware of obstructions or substances on store floors, which can cause a trip or fall
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid confrontations with stressed-out shoppers
  • Do not carry too many items, or items that are too heavy, without help from a friend or family member
  • Stay aware of yourself and others as store security cannot always be everywhere
  • Have a plan to keep your children safe if you are out shopping with them

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Avoid Cyber Theft

  • Do not shop on websites that seem insecure, shady, or otherwise suspicious
  • Be careful when shopping on your smartphone, as it does not have anti-virus software like computers
  • Do not jump on public WiFi to do your shopping as your information may be exposed
  • Change your passwords regularly to avoid being hacked
  • Keep a paper trail of your purchases so you can track charges on your cards
  • Check your credit card statement regularly and more frequently during shopping seasons

Should you have the unfortunate experience of being hurt or becoming the victim of a crime while out shopping during the holiday season, know that you have legal options. Stores have a legal duty to keep the premises free from hazards and provide competent security. Whether the issue is premises liability, negligent security, or distracted driving, contact an attorney to help you.

Be careful when shopping on your smartphone, as it does not have anti-virus software like computers

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