Meet Matthew Boomershine

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Meet Matthew S. Boomershine, our featured attorney of the week.

Proving the innocence of a person wrongly accused carries with it a feeling of personal and professional satisfaction that bears no equal, in my opinion.  With an abundance of accumulating historical evidence that a large multitude of innocent people have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned, it is my ultimate satisfaction as a criminal defense attorney to clear an innocent person’s name when they have been wrongly accused.

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My clients regularly tell me that my ability to effectively communicate with them about their case really sets me apart from other criminal defense attorneys in Central Florida.  Effective representation in Florida’s criminal justice system is not just about fighting for my clients’ rights in Court – it’s also about ensuring that my clients fully understand their rights, their options, and the complex process that we are working through together.

Before working with Bogin, Munns & Munns, I was an Assistant Public Defender for the 5th Judicial Circuit.  If I had not chosen to practice law, I would have become an educator.  I am a former LSAT instructor with Kaplan Test Prep.  In my spare time, I play guitar in a local Orlando cover band, “Boomershine.”


Meet Matthew S. Boomershine


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