Meet Keith P. Arago

Meet Keith P. Arago
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Meet Keith P. Arago Our Featured Attorney of  the Week.

I have been practicing as a civil litigator since 2012, namely in the areas of real estate, creditor/debtor, defamation, and probate. During that time, I gained valuable experience in both the Florida state trial and appellate courts, and the federal trial and appellate courts here in Florida.

My parents inspired me to become an attorney. My father was a school teacher, and my mother was a lawyer. I think I was more of a mommy’s boy. If I did not practice law, I would have started my own business. Before college, I was engrossed in the start-up mania. Even now, the idea of creating something of nothing is very appealing.

My greatest strength as an attorney is humility. I earnestly believe the best lawyers are those willing to acknowledge they will not only (hopefully rarely) make errors and mistakes, but that opposing attorneys will sometimes make sound arguments. Nobody, including judges or juries, appreciates obstinate heel-digging.

Learning and helping others are the parts of practicing law that I enjoy the most. Not every case is a perfect learning experience or exercise in charity, but more often than not, I find a good lawyer will not only help his client overcome her legal obstacle, but expand his own understanding in the process.

I am the proud father of three young boys, and even prouder husband to my lovely wife, Elaine. If you see me outside of work, it will very likely be exploring or playing with one of those knuckle-heads.

I am a member of the Christian Legal Society, and previously worked for Americans United for Life as a research assistant to Clarke Forsythe, senior counsel for that organization. With Mr. Forsythe, I published Roe v. Wade & the Legal Implications of State Constitutional “Personhood”​ Amendments Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy Aug 2016.

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