Meet Christina Hedley

Meet Christina Hedley
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Meet Christina Hedley our featured attorney of the week.

I have always had an interest in the law. Initially I entered into law school with the ultimate goal of joining the FBI. Once in law school, I completed an externship with RCC and was able to work on various criminal matters and I realized, I enjoyed the courtroom and trial work. Becoming an attorney always interested me, as the law is an ever-changing environment, and this was something that really interested me.

I began my legal career at the Ninth Circuit Public Defender’s office, where I initially worked in the juvenile section, then transitioned to handling cases in county and circuit court. I dedicated 6.5 years to the Public Defender’s Office, during which I obtained my Criminal Trial Board Certification. Throughout my tenure, I successfully completed over 40 jury trials and 11 bench trials, and I authored multiple Writs.

While at the Public Defender’s Office, I took on the responsibility of overseeing mental health court proceedings in Osceola County. This experience allowed me to work closely with individuals dealing with mental health issues within the criminal justice system.
After my time at the Public Defender’s Office, I ventured into civil First Party Property Defense. In this role, I collaborated with various insurance carriers across the State, managing insurance claims from the pre-suit phase up until trial. I developed expertise in working alongside Special Investigation Units of insurance carriers, aiding in examinations under oath and exposing fraudulent claims before litigation commenced.

I believe my greatest strength as an attorney is my ability to stay calm and think through a situation from all sides. The ability to play devil’s advocate has always been of great assistance to my clients whether in the criminal or civil realm. Knowing the other side’s argument always allows for you to strengthen your own and be prepared to rebut the other side.

Overall, my career has encompassed a diverse range of legal experiences, including criminal trial work, mental health court oversight, insurance defense, and representation of clients in court hearings. These experiences have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and have honed my skills in advocating for my clients effectively.

If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced attorney who can navigate the complexities of the legal system, I am ready to bring my diverse background and expertise to your case. Whether you require representation in criminal defense, insurance matters, or any other legal issue, I am committed to providing diligent advocacy and achieving the best possible outcomes for my clients.

Christina Hedley

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