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While various employment-based visas are available under federal law, the EB-2 visa arguably offers the most benefits. An EB-2 visa not only allows you to work legally and live in the U.S., but it is also an immigrant visa. This means you can stay indefinitely and even pursue citizenship in the future.

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What Are the Benefits of an EB-2 Visa?

If your goal is to live and work in the United States, plenty of benefits come with securing this visa, and our Orange City immigration lawyer can help you review them. Like all employment-based visas, you can work in the United States if you have an EB-2 visa. However, this visa differs from other options because it is an immigrant visa. Instead of allowing you to live and work in the U.S. for a limited period, you can stay in the country indefinitely as a lawful permanent with an EB-2 visa. 

Because this is an immigrant visa, you also have a path toward citizenship. If you live and work in the U.S. on your EB-2 visa for long enough and meet the other requirements, you could become a naturalized citizen of the United States. 

An EB-2 visa could also provide a pathway for your closest relatives to immigrate along with you. You can sponsor your spouse to obtain a visa once your EB-2 is granted. You can also sponsor your children so long as they are under 21 years of age and unmarried. 

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Can I Get an EB-2 With an Advanced Degree?

For most people, obtaining an advanced degree is the first step toward an EB-2 visa. An advanced degree includes anything beyond a bachelor’s degree. It can be from a U.S. university, or you can apply with a foreign equivalent. 

Although most people seek an EB-2, thanks to an advanced degree, it is possible to obtain this type of visa with only a bachelor’s degree. However, you must have additional experience that makes up for the lack of an advanced degree. Specifically, you could qualify for an EB-2 visa with a bachelor’s degree as well as five years of relevant work experience. 

Not any work experience will do. This experience must come in your chosen field, and you must obtain it after you have completed your degree. 

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What Is Exceptional Ability, and What Does It Mean for My Visa Application?

There is a second option that allows you to obtain an EB-2 visa without an advanced degree. In fact, this path allows you to secure a visa without a degree at all. Instead of relying on your education, you could qualify for an EB-2 visa if you can show that you have exceptional ability in your field. 

Exceptional ability is a high standard to meet. You must be able to show that you are at a level that most people in your field cannot match. Only people notable in their field will typically qualify for this approach.

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What Is a National Interest Waiver?

Most people must have a standing offer of employment from a company doing business in the U.S. before they qualify for an EB-2 visa. In these cases, the prospective employer must secure something known as a labor certificate from the Department of Labor (DOL). However, there is an exception that could allow you to obtain a visa and enter the U.S. without one of these certificates. 

It is possible to obtain a National Interest Waiver that satisfies the labor certification requirement. As the name suggests, the government will waive this requirement when you can show your presence in the U.S. benefits the national interest.

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How Can an Orange City EM-2 Work Visa Lawyer Help Me?

Having an attorney by your side as you apply for an EB-2 work visa can help you save time and give you peace that a legal professional up to date on federal immigration law is handling your case. In addition, an attorney could assist you with every aspect of your case, from dealing with your employer to addressing any unusual delays.

Preparing Paperwork

Although your employer will typically initiate the process, there are steps you must take as an applicant as well. This includes filling out the visa application and providing all the documents requested along with it. The immigration attorneys of Bogin, Munns & Munns can help with that process. 

Addressing Unreasonable Delays

It is worth noting that the visa application process can take time, and delays are common. However, some cases take so long that the delays become unreasonable. This can happen when your application gets lost or otherwise falls through the cracks. An attorney could take steps to resolve these delays by contacting USCIS directly.

Answering Questions

Often, the best way an attorney can help with your case is by answering any questions you have about the process. An attorney could help you understand each step in the process and advise you on what to expect in the future. This could greatly reduce your stress as you wait for an answer.

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An EB-2 visa could do more for you than just advance your career. Because it is an immigrant visa, you could also use it as an opportunity to become a citizen of the United States. While this option might be available to you, it is important to note that the process of obtaining an EB-2 visa is rarely easy. 

The outcome of your visa application is important, and you deserve an attorney that understands what is at stake. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we take pride in advocating for highly qualified workers from around the world. To learn how our Orange City EB-2 work visa lawyer can help you, call for a free consultation today.

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