Orlando Car Accident Attorney Ryan Munns Explains No-Fault Insurance

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Well, “no-fault’s” one of those misnomers, I think, in the law.  It assumes that we here in Florida aren’t concerned with fault.  We are concerned with fault.  But it’s irrespective of fault.  The way the statute reads, you must go through your own car insurance company for your medical care.

That’s even if the at-fault party, the person who really truly’s responsible, has the greatest coverage in the world, your own car insurance must pay your bills, first and foremost.  Your wages, first and foremost.  And your out-of-pocket expenses.

As to how much they ultimately pay, it’s important for you to speak to an attorney.  Coverages depend on circumstances.

…You must go through your own car insurance company for your medical care.

But it is the general rule of thumb, your own insurance company that first must intervene.  They pay bills, they pay wages, to take care of you after an accident, even if that accident is someone else’s fault.


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