Why do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Florida?

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Florida?
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When deciding when and why you need a real estate lawyer in Florida, it is a good idea to consider how complex real estate law can be—and how easy it would be to make a mistake that costs you time, money, and social standing.

Hiring a real estate attorney is an excellent way to protect yourself as you buy, sell, and develop a property. However, going it alone could put undue stress and pressure on your shoulders when you could be focusing on other aspects of your real estate venture.

What do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

A real estate lawyer’s job is multi-faceted. They are responsible for protecting and representing their clients throughout all real estate transactions, whether that involves selling a single home or developing multiple properties. In addition, their job involves the following and much more.

Explain Your Legal Rights

While an attorney can help you make important legal decisions, you still retain the final word. To make the best possible decisions for your family or your business, you can ask a lawyer to:

  • Tell you about all possible options for dealing with a particular issue, including the pros and cons of each choice
  • Point out which real estate laws are relevant in your situation and how they affect your options
  • Explain which option they think is best and why
  • Pursue the option of your choice
  • Make themselves available to talk to you whenever you need answers

Handle All Paperwork

Real estate matters frequently require a great deal of confusing paperwork, which must be:

  • Chosen appropriately (using the wrong form can cause serious problems)
  • Filled out correctly
  • Submitted to all relevant parties
  • Completed within strict deadlines

You will also have to draw up, sign, and keep track of contracts with multiple other parties, from contractors and employees to suppliers, lenders, and local government agencies. Property insurance alone can be overwhelming: there are over two dozen types of property insurance contracts, according to Florida Statutes Chapter 627 Part X.

An attorney can help you deal with all of this paperwork and make sure all contracts are legally binding. They can also review all contracts before you sign to ensure that the terms truly represent your best interests.

Represent You During Disputes

If you run into legal trouble at any time during your transaction, a real estate litigation attorney will be there to advise you. They could:

  • Review the paperwork at issue
  • Apply laws that are relevant to your situation
  • Meet with the other party to see if the dispute can be resolved at the negotiating table
  • Prepare to take your case to court, if a pretrial agreement cannot be reached
  • Represent you in the courtroom by submitting evidence and presenting your arguments before the judge

An experienced real estate lawyer can often find equitable resolutions to disputes faster than someone with no legal expertise.

A lawyer would be beneficial during court cases. The court is an unforgiving environment with many rules restricting participant behavior. Real estate lawyers are generally familiar with these rules already, so they, unlike laypeople, would not jeopardize a case by accidentally disobeying any regulation.

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Can I Represent Myself in Real Estate Matters?

Everyone has a legal right to represent themselves if they so choose. However, because real estate law is so complicated and because you may be emotionally compromised by your involvement in such matters, representing yourself is not generally advisable.

If you are still unsure about whether to hire a real estate attorney, consider making appointments with one or more real estate law firms in your area. Speaking face to face with an attorney can:

  • Tell you whether or not you are personally compatible
  • Provide information about how a real estate lawyer could help with your situation specifically
  • Allow you to meet the entire legal team who would be handling your affairs
  • Give you a chance to ask questions about how they work, the contract you would have to sign, and anything else you are concerned about
  • Allow you to make a more informed decision about whether hiring a real estate lawyer is right for you—and which one you should hire.

Once you have met with one or more real estate lawyers, you can take a few days to mull over your options, get a second opinion, and more. Then, after you have done your due diligence, you can at least be confident that you have made the right decision, no matter what it is.

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