Is a Real Estate Litigation Attorney the Same As a Lawyer?

Is a Real Estate Litigation Attorney the Same As a Lawyer?
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A real estate litigation attorney is a lawyer who handles real estate disputes and conflicts and the litigation and lawsuits that they can lead to. Real estate transactions can be complicated and can involve many parties, from private individuals and businesses to government bodies. 

There are also many different laws that apply to properties of different types, such as zoning and easement laws to right-of-access, insurance, contractual agreement, and title claim laws. You do not have to do your own research and represent yourself when we handle all aspects of real estate and can manage your entire case.

Real Estate Litigation Areas

A real estate litigation attorney can help you with a wide range of property-related disputes and conflicts, including litigation involving:

  • Residential properties
  • Manufacturing and industrial land and facilities
  • Condominiums/apartment complexes
  • Hotel, resort, and entertainment facilities
  • Retail and shopping facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Business, commercial, and office buildings
  • Healthcare properties

A real estate litigation attorney can also help with issues and disputes such as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Contract errors
  • Misinterpretations of the law
  • Enforcing access rights or restrictions
  • Mortgage, title, and payment fraud
  • Title insurance claims

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Examples of Real Estate Litigation Cases

As comprehensive as the law is, it is not uncommon for property disputes to arise.

Consider the following:

  • A seller fails to disclose defects or other facts that may affect a buyer’s decision to purchase a property or piece of real estate at a specific price.
  • Due to errors or inaccuracies in forms and/or contracts, buyers and sellers can disagree on contract terms and the commitments and responsibilities of the parties involved.
  • Disputes can arise involving real estate agents who may not act in the best interests of buyers and sellers.
  • Many real estate contracts and agreements involve deposits. If a contract or agreement does not go through, there can be disputes about who retains the deposit.
  • There may be restrictive covenants that impact a sale that a buyer or seller was not aware of, or an easement may be requested or there can be boundary line or access disputes.
  • In some situations, there may be more than one owner of a property, such as when multiple tenants reside at a property or when buyers purchase a property via a partnership or LLC. These parties can disagree about their individual rights regarding the property.

For each of the cases above, a real estate litigation attorney can help you gather evidence, understand the laws that apply to your case, and fight for your rights based on the specifics of your case. We’ve got you covered. You can focus on your wellbeing while we protect your rights.

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help

The rules and laws that govern real estate transactions can be complex. Depending on the type of property in question, there may be insurance, access, use-related, or contract-related laws that dictate what you can or cannot do with your property.

This is where a real estate litigation attorney can help. An attorney can help you determine the laws and limits that apply to fair use, ownership, sale, and transfer of your property. An attorney can also help you avoid taxes, unfair penalties, and resolve disputes involving your property.

From investigating title claims to helping you secure possession or ownership of your property, a real estate litigation attorney can help you avoid or resolve complex legal disputes.

Tasks We Handle as Your Real Estate Litigation Attorney

We can help with issues, disputes, conflicts, and lawsuits involving real estate by:

  • Interpreting, enforcing, and modifying documents such as purchase/sale/transfer contracts and association by-laws
  • Ensuring that developers meet their obligations
  • Negotiating contracts and ensuring that relevant parties fulfill their responsibilities
  • Resolving buyer, seller, builder, and tenant disputes of every kind
  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of our clients based on the rules and policies that apply to the case at hand

Whether you have an issue with a buyer or seller or face issues with property access, water rights, easements, taxes, nuisances, or contract disputes of any kind with a contractor, owner, tenant, or government body, we can help. 

We assist private individuals and businesses in real estate litigation cases of every type, and we can help you gather evidence, interpret the law, enforce contractual obligations, and secure yourself – and your property – from penalties and loss.

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