Who Pays for Damages After a Truck Accident?

Who Pays for Damages After a Truck Accident
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A Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer can determine who pays for damages after a truck accident. The details of each collision determine who is liable for the losses trucking victims’ suffered. Potential defendants in a truck collision case can include:

  • Trucking companies
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Municipalities
  • Other motorists

If you are the victim of a truck collision, you should not have to pay for damages someone else caused. A truck accident attorney can represent you and demand the money you deserve from liable parties. You could receive monetary compensation in an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit.

Who Might Be Legally Obligated to Pay the Cost of Your Truck Accident?

A truck accident lawyer from our firm will establish, without a doubt, who is responsible for your accident-related damages. As we determine this, we will consider possible negligence by:

A Truck Driver

Truck drivers can cause collisions by:

  • Failing to ensure the truck is in proper working condition before driving
  • Failing to inspect cargo for potential safety issues
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Engaging in other behavior (or failing to take precautions) that endangers others

While a truck driver could be personally liable for your accident, you could seek compensation from their employer. Trucking companies can be responsible for their employee’s negligence, so we will explore an insurance claim or lawsuit against the trucking company.

A Trucking Company

When a trucking company does not use best safety practices, it can be liable for resulting accidents. Negligence by a trucking company can include:

  • Failing to ensure all trucks are in good working condition
  • Allowing (or encouraging) drivers to work beyond the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA)’s hours of service limits
  • Failing to properly vet drivers before hiring them
  • Failing to test active drivers for drug and alcohol use
  • Failing to discipline or terminate unfit drivers

A truck accident lawyer from our firm will work to hold a negligent trucking company responsible for your accident.

A Motor Vehicle Manufacturer

If a defect in a motor vehicle contributes to a truck accident, the vehicle’s manufacturer may have to pay for damages after the truck accident.

A Municipality

Municipalities are responsible for road conditions and may be liable for:

  • Potholes
  • Uneven services
  • Malfunctioning traffic signals
  • Absent or downed traffic signage
  • Dangerous work zones
  • Other hazards that increase the risk of a truck accident

These are four of the potential defendants in a truck accident case. If anyone else contributed to your accident or has legal responsibility for your damages, we will identify those parties and determine the percentage of fault in the crash.

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Insurance Companies May Cover Your Accident-Related Damages

Auto insurance providers often play a key role in truck accident cases. Truck drivers, trucking companies, municipalities, and other potentially liable parties may be insured. Your truck accident lawyer may first negotiate with these insurers for a fair financial recovery.

Insurance companies do not always operate in good faith, however. An insurance company’s primary goal is to minimize its financial liability—including its liability for your accident. As we seek a fair settlement from insurers, we may face:

  • Baseless allegations that you caused the truck accident
  • One or more lowball settlement offers, which is an insurer’s attempt to pay as little as it can get away with paying
  • Pressure to accept the lowball settlement
  • Attempts to confuse you about the details of insurance policies
  • Other bad-faith tactics to deprive you of the money you deserve

Our truck accident attorneys will combat these challenges, as we have for countless truck accident victims we have successfully represented.

We Can File a Lawsuit (and Go to Trial) for You

If insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement, we have the option of proceeding with a lawsuit. We can also take your case to trial if necessary.

What Damages Will My Truck Accident Lawyer Seek Compensation For?

We will demand compensation for every loss resulting from your truck accident, which may include:

  • Healthcare costs: Our firm works with doctors to value clients’ medical costs. We will consider emergency services, all doctors’ visits, imaging, rehabilitation, and other accident-related healthcare services.
  • Lost income: We will demand liable parties to pay for lost income, diminished earning power, lost bonuses, and any other professional damages related to your accident.
  • Pain and suffering and related treatment: Your truck accident may cause physical pain, psychological distress, emotional anguish, sleep disturbances, scarring and disfigurement, lost quality of life, and other pain and suffering. We will seek compensation for such damages.
  • Vehicle damage and other property expenses: Your truck accident attorney will demand money for the repair or replacement of your damaged vehicle. We will also consider all other property damaged during the collision.
  • A loved one’s passing: If you have lost a loved one, we offer our sympathies and condolences. We will consider the full economic and non-economic cost of your loved one’s passing and demand that liable parties pay for their negligence.

Our team’s catastrophic injury lawyers are prepared for the most complex, high-stakes truck accident cases. Whatever the nature of your damages, our firm has the experience to represent you.

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Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer to Represent Me?

If you hire a truck accident lawyer from our team to handle your case, you can:

  • Focus on physical recovery, mental health needs, and personal obligations while we lead your case
  • Benefit from our firm covering the entire upfront cost of your case
  • Rely on the experience and legal knowledge our lawyers provide
  • Rest easy knowing an entire legal team is fighting for your financial recovery

We will provide experience-based advice, provide frequent case updates, and lead your case from start to finish.

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