Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Creates Over 1,700 Jobs in Orange County, Florida

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Disney’s highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at the end of August in Hollywood Studios. The world-famous theme park’s newest attraction is doing more than wowing audiences – it is also creating thousands of jobs and boosting the local economy. Disney has recently shared how the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction is positively impacting Central Florida.

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Galaxy’s Edge: More Than a Theme Park Attraction

According to Disney, the 14-acre property took more than three years to come to a reality in Orlando. The cost to create the attraction – which is deemed a new planet on the edge of wild space within the Star Wars universe – was approximately $1 billion. Galaxy’s Edge features shops to purchase merchandise, places to eat and two big attractions — Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Disney invited 1,000 children who were members of the Boys & Girls Club to preview the land before opening it up to the general public and many had a chance to go on the rides. Aside from gaining life-long fans at a young age, Disney’s hope is that the children will be inspired to take an interest in the company when it comes to choosing a career later in life.

Employment Rates in Florida and the U.S.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has created 5,500 construction, trade, and artisan jobs as well as 1,700 permanent jobs, according to The Walt Disney Company. This, in turn, has boosted the local economy by bringing tourists into Central Florida and creating income for locals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Florida’s unemployment rate fell to 3.3% in July of 2019. That translates to only 345,000 Floridians who are not employed. Compared to the national unemployment rate of 3.7% that same month, Florida’s unemployment rate was nearly half a percentage point lower. Not surprisingly, Florida’s unemployment rate peaked in January 2010 – at the height of the “Great Recession” – at 11.3%. By September of 2018, however, Florida’s unemployment rate had plummeted to 3.3% and has remained steady since, with no increase in unemployment.

Disney’s Impact on Central Florida

It is no surprise that The Walt Disney Company does wonders for the state’s Central Florida economy. The Magic Kingdom is the world’s most popular theme park, recording 19 million visitors in 2019 – slightly less than the entire population of New York State. It has been reported that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts can be credited for 2.5% of Florida’s gross domestic product. Likewise, more than one in 50 employed Floridians can directly or indirectly tie their employment to The Walt Disney Company.

In Central Florida, 6% of all jobs can be tied to the company in some way. But Disney’s positive financial impact has not gone without some issues. The Walt Disney Company has faced class action lawsuits regarding gender pay gaps, overtime pay, discrimination, among others.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has created 5,500 construction, trade, and artisan jobs as well as 1,700 permanent jobs, according to The Walt Disney Company.

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