Florida Legislators Push Bill to Protect Workers in Extreme Heat

Florida Legislators Push Bill to Protect Workers in Extreme Heat
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Workers’ Rights to Safe Conditions

As of today, there are only three states that have heat-related labor standards for workers: California, Washington, and Minnesota. The first two states protect outdoor workers while the third state protects indoor workers. California’s regulations, which are more than a decade old and were created in response to several farmworker deaths, are considered a model. Legislators across the country are pushing for a federal law to protect workers who labor in extreme heat.

Illnesses and injuries related to extreme weather can be prevented. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), employers have a duty to protect their workers from recognized serious hazards that exist in the workplace – including extreme heat or cold – even if there is no specific OSHA safety standard. Indeed, at the federal level, heat-related stress is only regulated by OSHA’s federal standard that employers must create working conditions that are safe. In the absence of any specific regulations, however, the standard is a difficult one to keep.

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Dangers of Working in Extreme Heat

Not surprisingly, workers who are new to outdoor labor are typically at a higher risk of suffering a heat-related illness than those who have been doing this type of labor for some time. According to OSHA statistics, almost 50% of heat-related worker illnesses happen on the employee’s first day and 80% had only been on the job for four days or less. Simply put, workers need to build up their tolerance to the extreme weather in order to remain safe. Moreover, workers who are involved in strenuous activity, who use heavy or non-breathable clothing, and those who are new to outdoor labor are especially at risk and need additional precautions.

Florida Legal Help for the Injured

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