What to do After a Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident
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It’s a moment that happens, on average, 650 times a DAY in the Sunshine State. The dreaded car accident can span from a fender-bender to a horrible moment that can change the entire health or outlook of someone’s life.

Immediately after you are involved in a crash, there are imperative steps you should take to protect yourself and your future.

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1.) Scan Your Surroundings

Don’t endanger yourself further by hopping right out of your car on a dangerous road. Take note of the surroundings, who else is involved, and the location of your car in relation to others around it.

2.) Call The Authorities

This provides a written report of what happened in the moment, which is then provided to your insurance provider, medical professionals, and acts as proof in the event that there is later a dispute over what took place.

3.) Trade Contact Information

You’ll want the name, phone number, address, and insurance details from anyone else involved. This is also a great time to take down information from any witnesses.

4.) Take Photos

You’ll only be able to be at the scene as it happened for a limited amount of time. Sometimes vehicles are relocated after the initial report to take more information, or people leave the scene. If you have a camera phone, document as much as possible.

5.) Call Your Insurance Company

You’ll want to wait until you are calm and composed before contacting your insurance carrier. Give yourself enough time and space from the accident to truly assess the level of your mental and physical state. See a doctor if needed. The insurance company will ask if you’ve been injured, and you want to be sure of your answer.

A lawyer can also act as a great representative for you to your insurance company. This allows you to have someone who has your best interest in mind, partnered with the expertise of dealing with insurance companies regularly.

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Written By: Attorney Travis McMillen

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