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Most people who are involved in a are often confused when they meet with a lawyer for the first time after an accident. Often times, they expect to see the justice, drama and large awards like they see on television. They expect to be sent to a doctor at the law firm’s bidding, they expect that the lawyer will make the at-fault party pay for all the medical bills, lost wages, car damage, give them large sums of money for pain and suffering and then life goes on as usual for the victim.

Unfortunately, this is often far from what happens in a typical motor vehicle accident case. While it is true, in most case the at fault party does pay medical bills, lost wages, car damage, and ends up paying sums of money for pain and suffering to a victim, the truth is that sometimes the compensation to a victim is very little or even none. The cases involving large sums of money are often limited to very tragic accidents involving death or catastrophic injuries to a victim.

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Fortunately, these death or catastrophic injury cases are not the typical case, but just the same the typical motor vehicle accident case does have serious and significant impacts on a victim’s life. Unfortunately, the drama that is often exciting and entertaining as it unfolds on television is now not so appealing because it is personal. To a victim the whole experience of being involved in a motor vehicle accident often becomes very overwhelming because it can often cause serious physical injury, time away from work and sometimes financial devastation to someone who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The process of a typical motor vehicle accident case is often very difficult to explain to a victim because an innocent victim just cannot comprehend why the law would require them to prove the extent of their injuries and damages when they have done nothing wrong to cause this difficult misfortune upon themselves. They are also very confused as to why the law would protect the rights of the at-fault party. Yes, the at-fault party does have legal defenses along with the innocent victim’s possible right for recovery!

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Worse yet, there are even some instances where the at-fault party may even escape financial responsibility while leaving a lifelong injury to an innocent victim. Sadly, an automobile accident like life just isn’t always fair. While the law does make every reasonable effort to assist those injured parties whose life has just been placed in ruin by another, it also does set forth very specific and solid guidelines with regard to victim’s compensation.

The Cases Involving Large Sums of Money are Often Limited to Very Tragic Accidents Involving Death or Catastrophic Injuries to a Victim.

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As unfair as it may seem, the fact is that the burden of proving pain and suffering does fall on the victim and they must prove what they have lost is a legal and justifiable injury/damage caused by the auto accident to be awarded compensation. Unfortunately, most victims’ whether they receive money or not will rarely ever feel that have been justly compensated for their loss. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may always bare the horrible consequences of permanent, crippling injury and sadly…sometimes it may even change their life forever…regardless of any amount of money received from a negligent party.

–Cynthia M. Thomas

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