Should You Shop Estate Planning Services Based on Price?

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Estate plans should be uniquely drafted to address the particular issues each client faces. A client can have same net worth, the same number of kids and live in the same style home as their neighbor, but the
client’s estate plan
will almost certainly be different than their neighbor’s. This is because each of us is unique, with our own peculiar needs, wants and family dynamics. I draft each estate plan to address the unique nature of my clients’ personal lives.

So Why Do People Choose Attorneys Who Take a One-Size Fits All Approach to Estate Planning?  Price!

Many of my competitors run advertisements with estate planning fees so low that the only way they can make a living is to deal in quantity, not quality.  To make the quantity approach work the attorney must use prefabricated forms that take minutes to fill in and spend as little time with the client as possible.  By picking an estate planning attorney on price the client ends up with an estate plan that was never adequately explained to them and which fails to address their particular needs (which they do not know because no one explained it thoroughly to them).

I believe a quality estate plan is one where clients receive the time and attention they deserve, where the estate planning documents address a multitude of personal issues that the client may never even thought about, and which will stand the test of time due to its thoroughness.  The trade-off for quality over quantity is price, but in the end the client receives a plan custom tailored to the uniqueness of their personal life and circumstances.

By picking an estate planning attorney on price the client ends up with an estate plan that was never adequately explained to them…

My approach is not for everyone.  Sometimes people need to take a price only approach as a quick fix in an emergency situation, or maybe they really do not care about the issues addressed in this article.  But if you feel it is time to address your estate planning needs and want a plan that speaks to more than the cost to put it together then give us a call.

— John Marshall

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