Planning Cannot Begin Too Soon – Holidays and Hurricanes

Florida Hurricanes and the holidays
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This will be a briefer article. Readers to this series know well by now that many of the topics directly and indirectly involve proactive risk management and related planning activities. With that in-mind

One topic frequently covered are Atlantic Ocean hurricanes (‘a/k/a’ named windstorms for insurance purposes). 1 There have been many, many this year. Twenty-eight so far 2, including the newest Hurricane Eta.

Red-flag warning! It is absolutely critical for all Floridians to pay attention to Eta because the cone of possibility runs up the entire Florida peninsula. And Eta appears to not be a weak hurricane, but rather holds the prospect for being a major weather catastrophe. That being the case, it is time now to begin preparing. By… assembling needed provisions and medicines (that does not mean hoarding), reviewing property and flood insurance policies, attending to family members and pets, and securing household items which could cause damage or be damaged. Please do that as soon as you finish reading this article.

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On a happier note, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Which – unfortunately – means fraudsters and scammers are beginning their annual ‘work’. Those harmful activities can occur online or in-person, and involve apparent commercial and charitable opportunities to transfer ‘your’ resources (money) to them. Fortunately Florida’s Attorney General has produced its annual holiday season anti-fraud brochure. This writer has read several of those prior guides over the past years – which are available at no-charge – and have found them to be quite useful. As Attorney General Moody describes:

With the holiday season fast-approaching, I want Florida consumers to start off the holiday season on the right foot and make sure they know what to look for to protect themselves from anyone who might try to swindle, steal or scam. So, we are adding to our Scams at a Glance program with a ‘Tis the Season edition.

Our Scams at a Glance program aims to provide resources for Floridians to help protect themselves against emerging scams and fraud. The Scams at a Glance: ‘Tis the Season is now available for Floridians to learn about common scams typical of holiday-season shopping and giving.

As we near the end of 2020, Floridians may be more excited for the holidays than ever before. I want a grinch-free holiday season for all as we start to close out this whirlwind of a year. It is my hope that Floridians will look at the tips in Scams at a Glance: ‘Tis the Season, help spread the word and have a safe and prosperous holiday season with their loved ones.

Savvy consumers can stop fraud in its tracks, but they must know what to look for. There are several helpful tips to avoid holiday-related scams in our latest brochure.

View the Scams at a Glance: ‘Tis the Season brochure in English. View the Scams at a Glance: ‘Tis the Season Spanish version.

Again, this guide is ‘free’, so it should be downloaded and reviewed now.

So… once Eta passes – hopefully with no major damage to Florida, because we are preparing, of course – we can all move forward to the holidays. And to more Hallmark movies. 3 Get the hot cocoa and marshmallows ready!


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2 So many that the traditional number of named storms has been exhausted. Eta Becomes the Record-Tying 28th Storm.


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