Meet W. Kirk Hartzog

Meet W. Kirk Hartzog
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Meet W. Kirk Hartzog our featured attorney of the week.

Civil disputes are an inevitable conflict that we face every day. My biggest motivation for pursuing a career as a civil litigator is being able to embrace the opportunity to face and resolve these conflicts. I take great pride in being able to help my clients achieve a quick and favorable resolution to their disputes.

As a civil litigation attorney, it is my job to counsel clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to suggest courses of actions tailored to their personal and business situations. Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of issues, ranging from business disputes to personal injuries. No matter what the size of the matter is, I work to ensure that my clients are well-advised on the risks, benefits, and costs associated with effectively resolving their disputes.

My greatest strength as an attorney is my constructive conflict resolution. Too often are issues prolonged because people are not able to escape from their perspective on a conflict. I strive in being able to expand the points of view of those I interact with in order to facilitate an expeditious and satisfactory outcome.

My favorite part of practicing law is being able to meet with clients who are being faced with indescribable concerns and stress from their legal issues, and being able to do everything in my power to help them in their time of need. The feeling of making a difference in their lives is incomparable.

Prior to working at BM&M I began my legal career by volunteering at a Teen Court Clinic in Jacksonville, which gave local teens the opportunity to represent juvenile offenders in an informal trial setting, helping to facilitate a rehabilitative judicial process. My next legal involvement was working with an in-house counsel for a railroad in Jacksonville, where I was exposed to a great range of commercial and civil litigation matters.

My inspiration to pursue a career in the legal field began with a conversation with my parents about what career path I should pursue. I never would have taken such a keen interest in becoming a lawyer if it had not been for their guidance and support. If I did not pursue a career in law, I would have pursued a role as a professional baseball radio announcer.

I began working at BM&M as an intern during my time in law school and I worked my way up to an attorney. I was born in Georgia and I am a passionate fan of Georgia collegiate and professional sports. I managed a club throughout my time in undergraduate and law school.

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