Meet Robert Abramson

Meet Robert Abramson
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Meet Robert Abramson, our featured attorney of the week.

I have handled real estate transactions, both residential and commercial, valued up to $14,000,000.

From 1982 to 2022, I was a sole practitioner specializing in real estate and commercial litigation. I have, within the past few years, handled probate matters and real estate litigation.

I read about great lawyers over the course of history and felt it was an honorable profession. If I did not choose to practice law, I would have pursued a career in medicine.

I was – in my youth – a health inspector in South Florida, specializing in dog bites and rat complaints. When responding to a rat complaint at a citizen’s home, a rat jumped out of a closet and onto my head. Made me rethink my career choice. I also visited the Southwestern portion of the United with my family and while visiting the beautiful Grand Canyon, I almost fell in.


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