Meet Jason M. Ranew

Meet Jason M. Ranew
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Meet Jason M. Ranew Our Featured Attorney of the Week.

In a legal career that goes back to 2002 and before, I have had multiple tours of duty which have exposed me to a broad range of practice areas. Starting in my second year of law school in 1999, I clerked for a law firm that did commercial litigation, bankruptcy, and family law. From there, after I graduated from law school, I moved to a firm that did strictly business law and commercial litigation, where I clerked until I sat for and passed the Ohio bar exam. Upon gaining my law license, I worked there as an associate. Later, my wife and I decided to move to Florida to pursue sunnier opportunities. I got started at the public defender’s office in Sanford in 2003, and thus began my years-long experience doing courtroom litigation in the State of Florida system. I spent years as a public defender, and later as a prosecutor, where I gained valuable experience including regular jury trials. I have also worked at multiple civil firms, where I did commercial litigation, estate planning, probate, and family law. My experience also includes a position where I was general counsel for a nationwide non-profit organization.

When I tell others about the work I do, I like to call it “next door neighbor law.” Mainly, I help with common, practical legal issues that your next door neighbors will foreseeably encounter. Real people come to me with real legal problems, and my job is to explore potential solutions in a way that makes sense. I typically consult with and represent people from middle class and upper middle class communities who need help with personal and business matters. As I work to serve them, I try to always bear in mind that they are looking for solutions. I have yet to meet a client who hires me due to a love for litigation or the courtroom. Once in a while, I have the privilege of working on a “happy” case, but the reality is that most of my clients need help during periods of high stress or even grief. Even in a calm legal matter that does not involve litigation, it is invariably a solemn transaction that will have important consequences. My clients deserve a lawyer who is willing to always remember the full context of the matter. Generally, my services fall under the banner of “commercial litigation,” but practically, this includes contract disputes, creditor/debtor disputes, real estate contract disputes, HOA disputes, probate (including uncontested matters and litigated disputes), estate planning issues, and unique matters adjacent to these areas that I can responsibly handle.

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Ultimately, practicing law is about helping people, and in order to help the community, I have to follow their needs first, and keep my own professional preferences second. Realistically, a lawyer has to be flexible and learn to love the areas of the law where people need your skills. Most lawyers don’t specialize in narrow or arcane areas, and there are practical reasons for this. My practice falls within a few key areas, but over the course of two decades of practicing law, I have developed flexibility in what I can offer. Having a creative lawyer who has had exposure to a wide variety of practice areas comes in handy in ways that you won’t anticipate until unexpected moments in your matter arise. Every good lawyer has a unique set of skills that helps him or her to serve the community effectively. As for me, I tend to quickly form good relationships with my clients. In doing my work, I place particular emphasis on written advocacy skills and detail-oriented document drafting. Also, genuinely listening to clients and understanding their unique problems are indispensable. When I provide legal advice, I ultimately want it to be candid, straight-forward, practical, and helpful. Helping people practically solve their problems is the most rewarding part of my practice. When a client says “thank you,” that actually means a lot. A good lawyer genuinely tries to help, and is oriented towards solving problems. If you focus on these things first, everything else is more likely to fall into place, especially over the long term.

My wife, children, and I are active in our church and community, as well as their school. After professional, school, and family obligations are addressed, whenever there is time for leisure or hobbies, I like tennis, water sports, exercise, music (vocals, guitar, trumpet), reading, and photography.


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