Meet Jacqueline R. LaVerne

Meet Jacqueline R. LaVerne
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Meet Jackie LaVerne Our Featured Attorney of the Week.

As a consumer bankruptcy attorney, I truly get to fulfil the role as a counselor for my clients. Not only do I counsel my clients regarding their financial lives, but I also understand the importance of listening to the client’s life stories that brought them to my office in the first place. Deciding to file for bankruptcy isn’t always an easy decision for people to make, but I try to empathize with their situation and make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. I think my greatest strength as an attorney is my ability to connect with the client and make them feel comfortable. Typically, when my clients first come to see me they are extremely stressed due to their financial situation and it effects them in so many different ways. I find a way to connect with the client, make them feel comfortable throughout the process and affirm that everything will be ok! This is going to be a fresh start for them, help them get out of this tough time in life and move forward to better times!

In High School my class took a trip to the county courthouse. We toured different Courtrooms and spoke with a few Judges. I was in awe of the Judges we met and the entire courthouse experience. Though I am the first attorney in my family, the law has always been a part of my life. I come from a law enforcement family and I have always been raised to follow the law, do what is right and to help others. Becoming an attorney seemed like the perfect way for me to maintain those fundamental principals in a career and make a difference in others’ lives.

Bankruptcy law fell into my lap when I started my internship during law school. I needed to get exposure to different areas of law, so I took the unpaid internship and figured I would learn as much as I could. At that time, I didn’t know taking a simple summer internship was going to shape my career in such a major way.

I then enrolled in the bankruptcy class offered at Barry and enrolled in the Bankruptcy clinic externship in my last semester of law school. I was an extern at the Pro Se Clinic located in the Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse in downtown Orlando. During this externship, I worked directly with my bankruptcy Professor in providing free advice to debtors who already filed for bankruptcy or were in the process of filing and needed assistance in doing so.

After law school, I started my first job as a practicing attorney at another local law firm. My main focus was bankruptcy, both Chapters 7 & 13, as well as student loan work.

Being able to help people with my education is my favorite thing about practicing law. It really gives me a great sense of pride that I’m able to give back to my community and help those in need.

I’m a big UCF fan, as it is my Alma Mater and I love supporting my fellow Knights. UCF played a huge part in my life because I met some of my best friends there, as well as my Husband!

If I wasn’t an attorney I would be an event planner! I love planning events, such as baby showers, bridal showers and especially weddings! I loved planning my own wedding and love helping friends with theirs. I love creating special moments for people and focusing on the little details.

In my downtime I love spending time with friends and family. Family is extremely important to me and I cherish the moments I have with them. I love spending time with my Husband, watching our favorite Marvel movies, eating delicious food together, and traveling to new places!

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