Meet Evan M. Gardiner

Meet Evan M. Gardiner
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Prior to working at Bogin, Munns & Munns, I was an Assistant Public Defender in Alachua County and Levy County. I represented all types of criminal cases from 2nd degree misdemeanors all the way up to 1st degree felonies. I have first-hand experience with dozens of jury trials. My experiences with depositions, litigation, and successful negotiations have led to favorable outcomes for my clients.

When people ask me what I do as an attorney, I tell them that I am a problem solver. Clients come to me with a problem they’re having, and then I help them fix it. Whether it be an issue regarding timesharing of a child, alimony, an easement on your property, or a criminal charge you or a loved one may be going through, my goal is to help you navigate court to help solve the problem you are facing.

I’ve always had a strong desire to be a litigator and to be in the courtroom. Litigation can be a time of uncertainty and stress for clients and their families. My courtroom experience allows me to help clients navigate through litigation to make sure that their voices are heard, their rights are upheld, and that they are fully represented under the law.

As the youngest in my large extended family, I quickly had to learn to speak up for myself or be lost in the noise. Having a well thought out position to argue was crucial in order to be heard at the dinner table. As I grew up, I was happy to learn that there was an entire profession about advocating for another.

My favorite aspect of practicing law is the feeling of truly helping someone. It’s no secret that the legal system makes little sense to non-lawyers (and even lawyers too). I pride myself in knowing the ins and outs of the litigation and helping people navigate a system that they may have little familiarity with.

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One of my greatest strengths as an attorney is my flexibility during litigation and rolling with the punches. I strive to be prepared for any possible issues in a case. Sometimes legal matters play out differently than I expected in court; whether it be an unfavorable ruling from a Judge or another legal issue popping up. However, just because something plays out differently than I expected, doesn’t mean I’m not prepared for that potential outcome. I make sure to plan so when something doesn’t go our way, I’m not surprised by it.  If plan A doesn’t work, I always make sure to have plans B, C, and D ready to go.

I’m a born and raised Gainesville native. I’m involved in different local legal organizations. I am a past-president of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Association, the largest legal organization in the area. I’m also involved in the local American Inns of Court chapters. Beyond the local legal community, I’m the local representative to the Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors with the State wide Florida Bar Association. I’m also a fellow in the Class Ten of the William Reese Leadership Academy with the Florida Bar. The leadership academy was created to train up-and-coming attorneys for leadership roles within the Florida Bar.

If I did not become an attorney, I would have gone into the medical field. My career aspirations were always focused on helping others. The medical and legal fields are both designed to help people, just in drastically different ways.

During football season, on Saturday you can find me on my couch or in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium cheering on the Florida Gators. In the offseason, I’m spending time with my wife and daughter bicycling on one of Gainesville’s local trails or playing in the local USTA Tennis League.


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