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Meet A. Leigh Cangelosi our featured attorney of the week.


I began my legal career as an attorney working for a legal aid firm, handling domestic violence, family law, estate planning, probate and guardianship. I opened a solo practice and added real estate to my practice areas. For the past several years, my focus has been helping clients with estate planning, probate, and real estate matters.

My inspiration for practicing law began in high school. My father was a real estate broker and I wanted to learn more about the real estate industry in order to better understand and be able to help with the family business.

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I took a full time position as a lending specialist at a local bank. I enjoyed the aspects of listening to customers and helping them get their business loans and achieve their goals. One of my coworkers had a husband who had started law school, and she would tell me about his experiences. I also attended bank closings at a local attorney’s office, and was drawn to the practice. Once in law school, my favorite subjects were estate planning, real estate and business law. I saw a real need for people to make sure their estate planning and health care documents are in order, and felt that I could help with that as an attorney.

I have been told that I explain things very well, putting legal concepts into everyday language. I believe that comes from my desire to really help the client, not only to make sure I know the legal work is correct and effective, but that the client also understands how the process works, or what the documents are designed to do for them.

I believe it is of the utmost importance to listen carefully to my clients’ concerns and goals. Once I have heard from the client, it’s my job to make sure their needs and concerns are addressed by drafting the necessary documents and explaining the relevant process.

The main source of fulfillment as an attorney, for me, comes from the clients. Meeting with the clients, finding out about their lives, and helping them achieve their objectives, is what this practice is all about. The best part is when the clients share the feeling of relief they have when their estate planning documents are complete, or when the transaction is closed and they get to move into their new home.

If I hadn’t gone to law school, I probably would have become a real estate agent and worked with my father, or continued my career in banking.

I am a Florida native. My family moved to rural north Florida from Orlando when I was in high school. I enjoy taking walks, going to be beach, and spending time with my family.


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