Look Over Your Shoulder: a Simple Traffic Tip for Avoiding Automobile Accidents

Looking Over Your Shoulder to Avoid an Automobile Accident
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“Look over your shoulder.”

When you hear this phase you may imagine someone betraying you. Maybe you think of a metaphorical looking at your past. Or, someone at work is a passive aggressive and you need to be careful around them. What I am writing about today is a much simpler version of the phase that seems to be lost on many here in Florida. That is, before you change lanes in your automobile you need to, among other things, look over your shoulder.

As of the last nearly four months I have been commuting for some times 3 hours a day. During this time I zig-zag through residential, commercial, rural, and then city driving. I know it may seem unreal but near every day I see a driver that does not look over their shoulder. Most times there isn’t even a blinker on to signal the turn is coming. For example, just yesterday a Ford F-150 was driving on a four lane road and started to enter the lane of the car immediately in front of me. Luckily for the car in front of me they were a small four door Toyota Camry, or the like, that didn’t take up much room of the lane. Due to the quick response time, veering into the curb, and slamming on the brakes simultaneously the Camry narrowly avoided a collision.

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Needless to say, I see automobiles involved in crashes almost as much as I see the lack of looking over one’s shoulder. I wish I could yell out to all drivers, “there is a blind spot in your vision.” Modern cars have a blind spot behind your shoulder. Looking in your mirrors even if you have your blinker on is not sufficient to avoid other drivers and possibly a crash. Spread the word, looking over your shoulder is a necessary skill to driving. This holds true even if you are in a hurry or you checked a few moments earlier. The risk to yourself and others is not worth the benefits of skipping this step.

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